Tuesday, May 23, 2006


That's four in a row. You can't get too excited about a 21-25 team, but the Mariners are showing some signs of life. Lots of home runs lately. That = good. The bullpen is nasty. The starting pitching is decent enough. Ichiro is nearly back to form, Lopez is the best second baseman in the American League, and Raul, Everett, and Johjima are going to complement Big Richie well once he gets going. By the way, grand slams are the best kind of hits.

How much does Comcast suck? The only M's-O's game being televised is this Thursday's. Sure, the games start at 10:05 here in Bmore, but what else are people going to be watching on Comcast? I checked the channel that broadcasts the Orioles games last night when the game was going on, and they were showing stand up comedy. And bad stand up comedy at that. Weak.

The Orioles are throwing John Halama tonight. Wow. There are teams that are less fun to be a fan of than the Mariners. Make it 5 M's!

There are two things about Hargrove that are really irritating me right now:

1) Jose Lopez is the M's best hitter right now. Yet, he leads the team in sacrifice bunts.

2) This Reed/Bloomquist platoon thing in center is ridiculous. He doesn't play Reed against lefties. There are few things about this I don't like, and none of them have to do with Willie. I'm not a Willie hater. I think he serves a purpose and I like having him on the team. But starting in CF is not one of them. Reed has been heating up lately, and as far as I'm concerned, he is part of the M's future. How is he going to develop into a good hitter if he never hits against lefties? How is he going to learn how to hit lefties is he never plays against them?

The only good thing about the M's going in the tank would be to see Hargrove gone.


  1. Just read on USSMariner taht Lopez leads the MAJORS in sacrifice bunts. Unreal.

  2. Neddy Ballgame2:55 PM

    That sac bunt number astounds me!!!!--I really couldn't believe Grover had Lopez bunting on Sunday with runners on 1st adn 2nd..so he bunts ,move runners up ,first base is now open and they walk Ibanez to get to Sexson..huh ?!!?..the team's RBI leader ..and the supposed post-game experts indicate that because Lopez is the #2 hitter,that's his job !---Well then bat him cleanup ,move Beltre to second in order --at least DO SOMETHING ,Grover--he now picks up Gillick's "Stand Pat" monniker .

    Soumnds like Mike needs to switch to Dish instead of Comcast???--guess that 10:00 pm to 1:00 am audience in Baltimore is pretty important !!!

  3. Thank you neddy for bringing some sanity to Seattle. I just don't get these old school basbeball guys sometimes.

  4. the m's need to talk to someone from philly about letting young left-handed hitters play against lefties. once the phillies got over their fear of letting chase utley and ryan howard hit against lefties, they both have started to get better at it (utley hit .219 last year, and now .264 this year against lefties; howard hit .148 last year, and now .315 this year - almost 40 points better than he does against righties - against lefties). i dont think that reed is nearly the talent that utley and howard are, but that should tell you something.


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