Monday, May 22, 2006

A Sweep never felt so....................bluh

Here is the thing I should be fired up. I should be pumped that perhaps the mariners are turning things around. Meche apparently looked good. The bullpen appeared to be solid for the most part and the offense put some much-needed runs on the board. I should be waving the mariner banner and starting the wagon train.

But I'm not. I have been fooled to many times in the past few years. Yes the swept the Padres and its a good thing. It just still doesn’t feel like they are getting better despite this series win. I really have a hard time coming up with optimistic posts about this team. Apparently Grover had another 45-min team only meeting which was "positive" by all accounts. I don’t know what to think though.

I have heard rumors of Carl Everett being traded and I am all for that I don’t like him, I thought the signing was a horrible idea and anything we can get for him would be a good thing.
Anyway there hasn’t been a post here for the past few days so I thought some new stuff would be nice.

A nice ting is it looks like Snelling is getting close again, I keep hoping that he can just take it easy and get his body to last, the kid has talent and I would hate to see it never blossom in the big leagues.

I really don’t have much to add other than yesterday I saw the 4th inning I think it was where the M’s put up 7 with yet another series of Flurry of singles……………


  1. I agree. It's hard to get overly excited about a home sweep over a team that appears to be slightly better than average. If it had been a road sweep over the White Sox or Yankees, I would definitely be overly excited... but as it is, a sweep is a sweep and now we're still only 20-25 but we're 3 games out of first!

    Here's to a few more wins against the O's, here's to the Mariners getting something in trade for Matt Lawton, here's to Putz keeping the job as closer, and here's to Grover keeping Willie B. out of the lineup. I'm hopeful about the first two things, but not about the latter two things because Grover is involved.

    What more does Putz have to do to show that he deserves to keep his current job? Do you think he ought to stay right where he is, or would he do better as a set-up man for Guardado?

    I think the Mariners ought to be shopping Eddie, but that's just my opinion.

  2. I was happy about the sweep, but you're right Travis. This team has been up and down all year.

    But, chew on this:

    Record against the A's: 1-6
    Against everyone else: 19-19

    I like the power I've been seeing lately. Felix is about to be demoted from King to Jester.

    Like snave says, still 3 games out.

  3. Neddy Ballgame11:46 PM

    Four in a row!!!--but Eddie at closer??...confidence is an intangible that 's difficult to figure if this team has it or not ....but still only 3 games out ..Lopez is an All Star --Richie hits a salami-Ichiro is back being Ichiro....things are looking up in Mudville!!!!


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