Monday, March 20, 2006

Matt "I can't Find the Plate" Thorton is gone

After giving up the cycle, in his most recent spring training game, the Mariners have traded Matt Thorton to the Chicago White Soxs for OF Joe Borchard. This by all accounts is a really good move. If memory serves Joe Borchard was a much-talked about part of the Freddie Garcia trade a few years back. At the time the white sox's did not want to part with Borchard, largely in part to where they took him in the draft, the 1st round, and for his 5.5 million dollar signing bonus. He apparently hasn’t panned out they way they would have liked, however many feel there is some potential there. I personally feel anything you could get for Thorton is a positive so I am willing to take a gamble on Mr. Borchard.
This also frees up some room in the bullpen for guys like Foppert and Sherill who in my estimation are vastly superior pitchers. Cheers to the M's for pulling the trigger. The ussmariner has an excellent take on this trade found HERE


  1. This is absolutely beautful. Hargrove wants to go with a 12-man staff, so things are definitely looking good for Sherril and possibly Foppert.

    This is a no lose situation. If Borchard blows, oh well. So did Thornton. This was good Bavasi. Signing Washburn and Everett? Bad Bavasi.

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