Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Good and bad

Yesterday was a mixed bag of news for M's fans. So, do you want the good news first or the bad news? Personally, I'm a bad news first guy. Give it to me, I'll deal with it, then let's end on a positive note. So...

The bad news: Felix was flummoxed. Hehe. That made me giggle. Four hits, three runs, and two strikeouts in two innings. Not to worry though. Pitcher are getting pounded (more alliteration for you) all over spring training. Just ask the Nationals and Marlins. Felix will be fine. Help me out English majors, is that alliteration or consonance?

Now, the good news. Beltre went yard...twice! His second one went off the scoreboard in RIGHT-CENTER. Okay, I can't let myself get too excited yet. But that was really good to see.

Oh-and Jeff Clement homered off Derrick Turnbow. Sweet.


  1. according to wikipiedia ( that would be alliteration, and not consonance because the repeated sound was at the beginning of the words.

    so what happens next year when clement is ready and johjima is coming off of a good year in his transition to american year?

    i liked seeing beltre going deep for the dr. for the record, i love the wbc!

  2. If Clement's bat is ready next year, then I think they could put Johjima as the #1 catcher and have Clement DH and catch every now and then. Of course, you've got Everett and Ibanez in the way at DH.

  3. Neddy Ballgame5:16 PM

    Everett is this year's rent-a-player so not ot worry...if Clement really could DH,that woul d be a perfect arrangement...

    I ,too,love the WBC...and our northern neighbor (the one with the monopoly-looking money!) whipped the vaunted USA 8-6 today --nice to see Junior wiht a couple of doubles..this WBC has caught my attention--glad I'm retired and can watch these games during the working day..think we can beat South Africa--come on now..anyone in the Majors an Afrikaan?

  4. Canada! I called it.


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