Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Beltre's belt is back. Moohaha. I would love to write headlines for a living. I'm very excited about what Beltre has been doing in the WBC. He's been smacking the crap out of pitchers from Carlos Zambrano, Javier Vazquez, and Jorge Julio. But, Beltre himself made a good point in the article in that a big reason he's getting some good pitches to hit is because of the guys around him. Regardless, he's taking advantage of it and I like to see that. Jeff Pentland was pretty convinced a lot of Beltre's problem last year was mental. This is good stuff. Very good stuff.

Speaking of someone with mental "issues", Meche is throwing his two-seamer and keeping Ron Fairly happy by keeping the ball down. Hmmph. Woopie.

Foppert's on the hill today.


  1. Re. Meche, if it means he can lower his ERA by about a point and fulfill some of his potential, I'm all for him throwing the two-seamer... but I'm not holding my breath. If he comes through, it will be like an unexpected gift.

    Foppert was the winning pitcher today! His line:

    J Foppert (W,1-0) 3 2 0 0 1 0 0

    He's looking like he might be a decent guy for the rotation, at least so far.

    Also, Sexson hit his first HR of the spring today, off of Dempster!

    Things are starting to look a little better.

  2. I'm excited about Foppert. It'd be nice to see a Bavasi trade actually pay off too. Maybe start him in Tacoma so he can get in some starts, then bring him for a spot start here or there and full-time if/when Meche sucks.


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