Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The best sports month

March is here, and I couldn't be happier. For starters, January and February have been annoyingly cold in Baltimore. I like cold weather, but I like when it's accompanied by snow as opposed to the wind that almost knocks my lanky butt (it's Ash Wednesday so I won't use the other word) over. I also add another year to my life this Saturday. 26! Woot. But, I'm really excited about March because I think it's the best month for sports. You've got Spring Traning and the hope, beer, and sun that comes with it. But you also have March Madness, aka the best postseason tournament around. I think September (pennant races and the start of college football) and October (playoff baseball and college football kicking into high gear) are close, but March is the best.

So how does Scott Hanson of the Seattle Times start this wonderful month? By jinxing Richie Sexson. Thanks a lot Scott. Now why don't you go ahead and write an article annointing (yes I know I spelled that wrong) Felix as the savior of the franchise?

Also, if you get a chance check out this post over on Lookout Landing. It's a very interesting look at the many young Mariners pitchers that have had injury problems.


  1. I found it interesting yesterday on KJR they had Stand Pat on and he said that is he could go back he would have traded Arod and kept griffey. I wonder what the team would have looked like if that had happened.

    I agree though this is a great time of year. The NCAA tourney is great and it seems like no I go to spring training every year. I'm starting to get excited for this year too. I think this team might be able to surprise us wouldn’t that be nice

  2. Atta boy Big Daddy. Stay optimistic. I figure unless they're just terrible, it will be fun year no matter what. If they stay around .500, it'll be fun to watch the young bucks grow. If they contend, that'd be freaking sweet.

  3. Neddy Ballgame7:55 PM

    March comes in like a lion and goes out like they say..hope the M's are not lamb-like come the end of Spring Trainng--and a few of teh Magic faithful will be in Peoria to see how they've come along---heard the Gillick interview as well--he was pretty sure he made teh wrong trade --A-Rod and Junior didn't get along and he thought he'd rather have had George Kenneth for another year rather than Alex for whom he felt he could have gotten good players in return--oh well--coulda,shoulda,woulda....Sexson's numbers ,except for '04 when injured, are fantastic---hope Adrian is reading all this stuff....kind of sad to hear Boonie is hanging up his spikes--kind of a jerk but he had a terrific 3 year run here...

  4. Here's an article where Gillick talks about that stuff:

    He makes the point about Moyer getting hurt before the 2000 ALCS. I still think that team was the best chance the M's have had to win it all. If only if only.


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