Thursday, March 30, 2006

This is why it's fun

As much respect as I have for the analysis and conversation in the M's blogosphere, at time it's hard to ignore a level of cynicism that overshadows the pure fun of following a baseball team. The "fluff" articles of the spring are ribbed (and often deservedly so), and eyes are rolled at grit, hustle, and other "intangibles" that baseball people are enamored with. See: Willie Bloomquist. Loved by managers, ripped by statheads. Does that make statheads wrong for pointing out the obvious that Willie Bloomquist has no business being an everyday player? Absolutely not. And it's good to have that kind of conversation. But, there are times to just sit back and enjoy it all. Now is one of those times.

Which is why I've really enjoyed reading The P-I's season preview. Take a look at it. All of it. Get excited about the 19-year phenom that's going to win 20 this year, the double play combo that's this generation's Vizquel-Alomar, the Japanese catcher that's going to solidify a position that has been a black hole for two years, the big-name sluggers that are going to bring back memories of the homer-happy teams of the 90s. This is when we're supposed to hope for a pennant race, not an 80-win season. So do that! Enjoy it. It's baseball. It's back. And the M's are going to win the World Series!!!!!!!!!


  1. I agree with most of what your saying, though I don't think (as much as I really would like to see it happen.) Felix winning 20 games this year, is kind of reaching.

    With the way they want to baby him and the fact he's the 5th man in the rotation. I can see him winning between 10-15, but the 20 win mark wont come for at least another season when he moves up in the roation.

    Then again, I've been wrong before.

  2. Ugh, you missed the entire point of my post. This is the time/forum to be as optimistic as you want.

  3. I love it mIkey. I am fired up. I am really excited to see Betencourt for a full year. The reed news is good rumor has it he is going to be ready for opening day. Felix felix felix! Hopefully out bull pen can pull it together. You flat out jsut never know whats going to happen. I for one think that .500 is a nice goal but little low. I want 10 games over this year. who knows 91-71 could win a wild card.......... ahahhaha

  4. delusionalinvancouver9:28 AM

    Don't forget that Beltre and Sexson will combine for 80 Hr and 225 Rbi! And with Betancourt suppling .290 bat with a little zing at the bottom of the order, Ichiro can reach a MLB career high for rbi!
    Fly away!

  5. Neddy Ballgame10:58 AM

    Way to go Mikey !!---Opening DAy is a day for the most starry-eyed of optimists among us----I ,too, believe anything is possible ( see 2004 ALDS !!) in baseball and lif rfor that matter ---if youi treat life as baeball how can you go wrong !!---rememeber, " win some ,you lose some and some are rained out; but you suit up for them all.."

    ...Ichiro coul d be MVP again as well

  6. This is what I like to see people!

    Felix-Cy Young
    Ichiro-Batting Title

  7. Ugh, you missed the entire point of my post. This is the time/forum to be as optimistic as you want.

    D'oh I wasn't all that awake I think when I commented. LOL.

  8. InSp03:43 PM

    I love it I love being optomistic. I am excited by the team this year, but Bloomquist always make think ahh come on.

  9. I like to see the new posters. Welcome raindelay, delusional, and insp0.

  10. What the news on reed last I heard he could be ready for opening day. (in my best harry carry) "Here's guy who hit .250 last year after hitting .300 his entire profesional career. I don't get it, HEY"

    I do like reed this year to come into his own

  11. That'd be huge to have him back that soon. I want to take 2 of 3 from the Angels!

  12. maaah8:03 PM

    great post, mike. this is my favorite time of the season. of course, that might be because i am a mariner fan. but i could be persuaded to continue the optimism if the boys do their best and surprise us a little with a winning season. my money is on piniero and meche growing up and showing us what they are worth. (i think i said that last year too...ahhh well).

  13. Opening Day is here, and anything IS possible. There is no reason to be cynical. I like the team's offseason moves for the most part, and the roster definitely looks stronger than it did at the end of last season.

    I honestly believe a new pitching coach will breathe life back into Meche and Pineiro, will keep Moyer going longer, and will help Hernandez fully adjust to the majors. It's great to see Soriano healthy, and Sherrill getting on track. Eddie is always ready to go, Mateo is likely to be as consistent as usual. The staff has some question marks, but what major league staff doesn't? Ours looks pretty good to me.

    I think the infield looks great. Betancourt and Lopez for a full season? They should do fine both at the plate and in the field, and there are established players at the corners in Sexson and Beltre. Johjima seems like a solid catcher. The outfield looks good enough to contend. Ichiro will probably have another good year, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Borchard, Reed, Everett and Lawton do this season. Ibanez is a professional hitter, and fine in LF.

    And finally, I'm glad Petagine made the cut. Hopefully the team will keep him in Seattle when Lawton comes back.

    There's no reason why the M's can't win a few games against the Angels to start the season.

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