Monday, March 20, 2006

The new Ichiro

Jeff Passan did a nice piece on Ichiro's rebirth over on Yahoooooo! I like to see Ichiro getting fired up. Even in 2004 when he had all those hits, I never got the sense that he was having a lot of fun. In fact, it seems like ever since Cameron left, he hasn't quite been as happy. I'm not sure what that scream Passan is referring to was, so if anyone saw it fill us in. After Ichiro's comments this off-season about things like playing cards in the clubhouse, it's nice to see him loosen up a little bit. Part of what makes Ichiro great is his work ethic and focus, but for those that are a fan of fire and passion (and I'm not talking about romance novels), this is a side of Ichiro you'll be happy to see in 2006.

So the WBC may give us a confident Beltre and a passionate Ichiro. I'll take that.

Edit: Jim Caple also noticed Ichiro's newfound emotions.


  1. I actually saw it mike. Ichiro in the dugout was fired up about something and did a Kevin Garnett esc holler on the dug out steps I was like wow I have never seen him display any emotion let along one with such tenacity! Hopefully he will bring some of that back to seattle!

  2. That's freakin sweet. I'm rooting for Japan tonight against the Commies.

  3. Japan wins! Did anyone else like the Japanese player who had the old Jaleco Bases Loaded batting stance? You know, with his bat at a 135 degree angle. That's obtuse to you.

    I didn't catch all of the game, but that's pretty cool. 12 days until the real season starts.

  4. Neddy Ballgame6:45 PM

    ..and Beltre,Sexson and Ibanez all homered today ....just divvied up our season tix with my group (whose been together a looong time ) and it was most somber affair--not sure why but we sure didn't have any firs --usually we're joking about the World Series ,etc but none of that this year---terrible what a few seasons of 90+ losses can do to you...on tjhe bright side, I love the WBC, really love Ichiro and Adrian this pre-season, and I have tickets to Opening Day !!--no other sport's first game of seaason brings wiht it the anticipation and fun of Major League baseball's Opening Day...Go M's


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