Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A win. Yay.

Living on the East Coast can be difficult if you're a fan of a West Coast team. Games start at 10pm and don't end until well after midnight. It's not for lack of dedication to a team, but staying up that late every night wears on you. So, I don't do it. Usually what I do is I put on my XM headphones and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of Rick Rizzs. Most nights I'll wake up at some point, quickly check on the score, put the radio away, and check the final in the morning. Last night was no different. This time when I woke up, it was 2-2 in the 8th inning. Moments later, Raul Ibanez hit the HR to give the M's the lead. I decided I'd listen to the top of the 9th. Then Eddie came. His suckage continues. After he gave up the HR to Brian Anderson....BRIAN ANDERSON....I went to sleep. Grumpy.

But, hey the M's won! Yuni! Of course, it would have been nice to have taken it in the 9th so Putz and Mateo wouldn't have had to get work. But, whatever.

A couple of things....

USS Mariner points out that the M's struggles can be summed up in one word: IchiBeltrxson. There've been some trade rumors too. I'd love to say trade Eddie now, but what value are you going to get for him at this point? He was throwing the hardest he has all year last night, so maybe that's a good thing. If he can get in a few good outings, his trade value will increase. But, it could also get worse and he might become untradable.

OK Mariners. Please win more than one in a row. I'd like to see a team that's playing well come to Baltimore this weekend.


  1. Its good you caught this game mike cause after oh 5 innings of hitless boring baseball i tuned out and watched Harry Potter & the goblet of fire. hahahahaha See I prefer to watch those than read them you get the idea of whats going on.

    Here is my problem with this team. Its not that they are just playing bad baseball, its that they are playing boring baseball. It makes it hard to cover this team to the best of my ability when I am put to sleep in my chair by K's and grounders to second, pop ups. And dave valle......... Valle actualyl said alst night folks Beltre has two hits in his lat two games his bat is starting to catch fire...............

    Good to see they pulled it out last night though.

    I have said this in teh apst that I want them to blow this team up and people say they ahve. But what I mean is really blow this team up IE marlins blow up. Keep your middle infield lopez, betencourt. Keep ichiro and felix but the rest just get rid of them. Bring up a triple A team. At least this way we got some heart playing for us.

  2. You know I'm not usually convinced that things like "a culture of winning", etc. are that big of a deal. But the M's have some talent. Is Grover really getting what he can out of these guys? I'd like to see a 2003 Marlins type run where we dump the manager, bring in a new guy, and everyone's fired up.

    But, the 2006 M's are not the 2003 Marlins. I think that may be one of the best teams in my lifetime.

    Harry Potter movies are great, but they didn't include a lot of stuff from the book in the Goblet movie.

  3. i enjoy the 06 marlins more than teh 06 m's at this point they are fun

  4. Neddy Ballgame4:44 PM

    I must admit I;m a little baffled by all this Marlins adoration......but Grover coul d be on the block --apparently the Baseball Prospectus guy has some inside insight ( he was on KJR yesterday) that Grover could be gone by end of MAy if things don't improve...apparently Dan Rohn' s totally made-up job came about because the team was on the verge of firing Hargrove this winter and appointing Rohn as manager--in order to keep Rohn who was being wooed by other AAA teams to manage they came up wiht this bogus Administrative coach or whatever when they decided to keep Hargrove
    ...not pinch hitting for Yuni last might might have been a keeper move for Hargrove--h e may need a lot more like this ( and for freakin' Eddie to stop imitating Ayala--or ,as maaah! says , is it Schooler as he flamed out after a nice run ?)
    ..we were at David Sedaris at teh Paramount last night and as we came back to car it was top of ninth with one out--the rest you know--the car was very steamed up after that half inning !!!

  5. Am I the only fan ever who doesn't hate Bobby Ayala? You can't tell he wasn't at least consistent.

    I like the idea of creating a verb involving Ayala's name. The action of course is walk, walk, walk, Grand Slam. Like, you know, "The Astros lost a heartbreaker last night when Nomar Garciaparra Ayala'ed Brad Lidge." Er sonething...


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