Friday, April 07, 2006

Fairly vs. Rizzs....Round 1 to Rick

Did anyone else hear this exchange on the radio broadcast last night? This isn't verbatim, but I thought it was hilarious.

Scene: SafeCo Field press booth. 2nd inning, 1 out. Jeremy Reed on 3rd. Betancourt at the plate

Fairly: Jeff Pentland has been work with Betancourt on going the other way.This would be a good spot for Yuniesky to do that. He's got a better chance of lifting a ball to center or right than if he tried to pull it. He's more likely to roll one over if he tries to do that.
Rizzs: (cornily-but do I even need to say that with Rizzs?) What about a good old squeeze play? (uncomfortable laugh like he's kidding when he'd actually crap his pants if it really happened).
Fairly: (irritated) It's too early for that. Too early. He should try to lift a ball and get Reed in.
Rizzs: (again with the strange laugh) Well Red the only reason I say it is because third base coach Carlos Garcia just whispered into Jeremy Reed's ear.
Fairly: (sharply) Well, that's a decoy. That's so in case this situation comes up again in the ninth they can do the same thing and the A's won't be expecting it.
Rizzs: (still laughing-you can tell he's dying for the squeeze) Well.... (with unbridled fervor and emotion) ASJSFJ AND THE SQUEEZE IS ON OH MY GOODNESS BUT HE FOULS IT OFF!!!
Fairly: ......

You know Rizzs wanted to rub Fairly's face in that.


  1. Actually, yes, I did hear it, and it was the funniest thing ever! You could hear the smirk in his voice.

  2. and then Rizz went on to talk about some kids and their favorite amriners. ATTA BOY HE'S A GOODEN

  3. Neddy Ballgame4:55 PM

    ..the advantage of radio baseball versus TV--I was watching not listening and missed this terrific piece of repartee....Dave Henderson is starting to p--- me off wiht all his holier than thou remarks and inevitable reference to himself whenever any stat or event or experience is mentioned( "yes,I did that also when I was playing ..")--what an ego !!!!..he let Raoul have it for successfuly ( well it was a homer call at third) stretching a double to a triple--he wouldn't let it go even when Raoul's aggressiveness was being applauded.
    Baseball on the radio is perhpas the only sport that fits as well or better there (assuming you have an artist like Dave Niehaus painting the tableau) thans any other sport ...( a local Bellingham station has freakin' NASCAR pon the radio --are you kidding me !?!?

    ..leaving to see King Felix in his 2006 debut---what a start to the season,eh ?


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