Thursday, April 27, 2006

What a difference a day Makes

I was at the end of the proverbial rope with this team yesterday. I felt there was no way they could pull a series win out of the white soxs. It was actually funny, my roommate and I head to a local watering hole close to home on Wednesday’s for Happy hour, which by the way offers 1/2 off wine. Roomy called me saying he was leaving from Kirkland at 5:30 mid rush hour and there was a mariner’s home game so he was going to be a while. I jokingly said not to worry no one goes to the Safe anymore anyway traffic will be fine. Which in many ways is true. Anyway taht was just compounding my disappointment in this squad.

That being said Washburn is this years Ryan Franklin. Not in skill level, washburn appears to be vastly superior but in lack of run support. Last night he got 5 which was nice but Mr. Washburn has pitched well enough for more wins than he currently has. He is showing that he indeed was a nice addition although I am still not sold on the price.

The main thing of this post is a topic I wanted to get others to chime in on. Raul Ibanez. Over the past 2 seasons or so has there been a more consistent guy? Sure he’s numbers are not to die for but they aren’t bad ether. He doesn’t really ever seem to slump, just is always around 300 with moderate HR and moderate Rbi's. He is a guy who I think could take the ropes and lead this team since it seems to me that Sexson doesn’t want to, beltre is to bad too, ichiro doesn’t want to unless he is playing for Japan in the WBC. I think Raul might be a good source. I think I brought this up last year only to be shot down but after taking some time to reflect has anyone’s opinion changed?

Oh and its time to put Soriano as closer and move Eddie to set up, its not that I don’t have faith in Eddie, it is wavering a bit but soriano is so nasty its almost hard to see any other spot for him.

And lastly I dont want to jinx anythign but could alst nights series win put a spark in tehse guys for the road trip? Get ready mike they are coming your way like a runaway train.


  1. Ibanez is serious and so much heart. and steady as a rock. i vote for him for captain, BD! don't count on seeing wins fri and sat in baltimore...when was the last time mike saw a win there? and with us there too they are really jinxed.but we will do our best to cheer them on.

    so glad to see 'the fireman' soriano pitching has been a long wait for him. and the michigan connection, putz, is a bright light also. love eddie, but is he done?

  2. I'll say it again....I love Jose Lopez.

  3. You know this Friday will be the first time I've seen Meche in person since I bought the jersey. I don't know if that's a good thing or what...

    How about a winning streak M's?

  4. You'll notice Washburn doesn't complain as much as Franklin. Or take steroids.

    But, the run support thing is probably true. Of course, a lot of M's pitchers haven't been getting run support lately.

  5. Neddy Ballgame7:47 PM

    re: RAoul..he's like Edgar..don;t expect to him to be a vocal leader..leads by example only ...which is not bad at all !--he could be the clubhouse leader like Jay or hte Sheriff but it isn' t his personality---let him do waht he' s doing ...Lopez is terrific..bat him 2nd bat him 8th--he has as many HR's as Everett or Ibanez...the Orioles better watch out for the Mariner's juggernaut is heading East along with loyal fans maaah! and yours truly to meet up with mike,kristen and chris ,ellison....Gil Meche will be glad to see Mike wearing his nameskae jersey Friday night ( or would that jinx it ??) and King Felix will give the Camden Yards faithful a show they wil have been glad to see....


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