Thursday, April 06, 2006

Game 3: Washburn Goes 7

Ladies and Gentlemen the mariners win the series!! Well the opening series that is but this was no joke. They took 2 of 3 from the vaunted LA Angels of Anaheim. This was the team that won the west last year. How did a 90-loss team pull this off? Pitching defense and a vastly improved offensive unit. In the series each Start pitched into the 7th inning, most recently Washburn who completed the 7th. Washburn Struck out the last man he faced with a battle cry as he left the mound. It was good to see some fire out there!

Again Mr. Lopez was a hitting start, he may really be coming into his own here folks. If he could put up Ronnie Belliard numbers I would consider him heaven sent! Last night Mr. Lopez went 3 for 5 with a RBI and a run scored. In his AB in the 7th, while he didn’t get a hit, he did hit a slow grounder to second that advanced Ichiro to second and scoring position. What happened next was a Raul single scoring Ichiro in what was a vital run. So far this year Lopez is hitting a cool .462. While this of course has to balance out I'm fired up for this kid.

Big richie doubled in 2 more runs and seems like he hasn't lost a step from last year. What a tremendous signing he has turned out to be. Sexson along with Kenji, I am just in love with Kenji, he is a general out there. I have to wonder how many games a week he is going to be behind the plate is all. Hopefully he will get a few days off from that, but keep the bat in the lineup.

Congratulations go out to Mr. George Sherrill in obtaining his first career Major League Save. It wasn't picture perfect but it was a save none the less.

Overall though yesterday's game was a solid performance. They have another tough test coming today in the form of Oakland. Many have picked the A's to win the West this year, and that just turns my stomach, I hate the A's. Last year I would have gone into this series thinking if we can get one................But as Hendu said on the broadcast yesterday "Come out and support these guys are on fire" Its 3 games hendu but I love the enthusiasm!!!

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  1. Meche tonight. If we can steal that one, we've got Felix tomorrow. Then take one over the weekend and we've got ourselves another series victory.


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