Thursday, April 20, 2006

Comeback Win....Special Guest Writers Neddy Ballgame and Maaaah

Yes, boys and girls, there is life in these Mariners...maaaah! and I were there last night---with a few (very few) thousand of our closest friends---many of those few bailed out well before the fireworks in the bottom of the ninth...and what a ninth it was...but before we got there it was looking like another painful evening at our favorite outdoor restaurant(guy behind us was screaning at Grover for letting Blalock hit with first base open and of course old Hank gets a base knock and then Julio strikes out the next batter!))....

Millwood was on (44 pitches through 4 innings) and Jamie was getting out of jam after jam but a couple of things saved our heart--Ichiro broke through the Mendoza line with a 4 for 4 night (Everett broke through the night before) and Adrian got his first extra base hit and RBI (that caused a sensation in our area ..high fives all around)...our boys kept chipping away and JJ Putz did not give up the extra run looming on third base ( his breaking stuff looked quite good and he wasn't afraid to go to it )..

Then to the 9th(maaaah! made me turn my hat into a Rally CAp --and it worked !!)--I went ballistic when Frankie Cordero hit Ichiro then our man Jose ( he is exceeding all expectation so far in the 2 slot)..thought Raul's high sac fly could have made it out (wishful thinking since it was about 5 feet short of wall) then Ritchie came through to tie it (got to see Matt Lawton as pinch runner) and Jo Mama kept it going --we now have only one out and Buckie boy in the Rangers dugout is gettting nervous so he finally pulls his ace freakin' closer for a leftie who has pitched a total of 1/3 inning to turn my boy ( yes ,I know I was the biggest detractor of this Bavasi signing !) Carl Everett around ( high percentage play since he was hitting even lower righty than lefty ) aad then "Good Bye Baseball" as he walks off and hits the KOMO 1000 sign with a rocket that you knew was gone the second it left the bat -

The Safe goes nuts --almost like a plyoff win--strangers high-fivin', I've lost my voice..what a difference 2 days makes--losing by a walk off on Monday then turning it around last night ...what a great win ..everyone smiling and laughing even the security guy broke out into a smile.

And here is maaah's take:

Is there anything greater than baseball? Until the last 5 seconds of last night's game I thought the most entertaining/memorable thing was going to be the 4 yokels in front of us or maybe mr. baseball encyclopedia behind us catching the fly ball. But in the bottom of the ninth I was reminded of the moments leading to Griffey's rounding the bases in '95. For the 2 thousand of us left watching...cheering our hearts out, Carl the dino didn't disappoint. You would have thought we'd won the world series. That's just how starved we poor Mariners fans are for a winning season...heck...just a win! There is for sure something different in this team from the last 2 years. The one thing that makes a game or a season worth participating in...players with heart. Is there anything greater than baseball?


  1. No this would be something to do a review on. Mike and I have been struggling over the past few days with lack luster performances by the boys in blue.............errr Teal.

    Anyway I unfortunately missed last nights game due to me being at the Sonics game where Ray Allen needed 6 3 pointers to set the all time record for made 3 pointers in a season. Ray needed all of a quarter to tie the record, hitting 5 3's in the 1st then on a fast break watson feed ray on the wing for the glorious #6 and the record book.

    Onto the review of the game I didn’t see. From what I gather Moyer was not great but kept the Mariners in the game through 6 innings. The mariner’s offense semi exploded for 18 total hits and 9 runs. Most of which came in the bottom third of the game, the 7th, 8th, and 9th.

    Highlighting this offensive outburst as the title of this post proclaims was a Jurassic blast with two runners on to send the mariner’s home.

    Things to note from this game would be the 18 total hits. Is the offense waking up? Beltre's first extra base hit. Over the past few games Beltre has hit the ball hard and is racking up a few more hits, hopefully this is a sign of him putting it all together and becoming the player we all want him to be.

    7-9 and out of the cellar is a good thing. The can take the series tonight, which would be nice. I really don’t think their record reflects how they are playing. That Boston series still stings as I think they could have won that series if not swept it.....

    a nice review at the seattle times can be found here:

  2. i actually ahd made a post till i got a txt from mike saying our good buddy neddy ball game was being called in to write the review!!

  3. Nice work neddy. Sounds like a good win. It will be interesting to see if it will carry over into tonight and the next series.

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