Friday, April 07, 2006

Gilbert and Jurassic Carl

Don’t look now but the Mariners are 3-1 and in sole position of 1st place in the AL West. That’s right folks so far the hot start that we all had been clamoring for is currently underway. Last night it was more of the same from the prior two wins. Our Offense scores early and give our pitching staff room to work and actually kind of takes some pressure off.

I was unable to catch anything other than the 9th inning yesterday (due to some Russian Vampire movie (Nightwatch) I went to see, very unique I must say) so most of my account comes from papers and a bit of sports center.

From what I read Meche gave up a solo run in the first on a substantial amount of pitches something like 30. Not a great start but he came back to a better balance later. The mariners came back in the second and put up a 3 spot highlighted by a Jurassic Blast to right. I am going to call every vital Carl Everett HR a Jurassic Blast. I think that is awesome!! But ya he turned on that pitch.

Reed followed up with a gap triple. You know that is the type of hitter I want reed to be. A guy with moderate gap power who can leg out double s and in this case triples. He later would score as well. Something to note, as the Seattle times did, Grover put the Squeeze on only to have Betencourt foul it back.

But the point is they are truly more aggressive this year on the base path and I for one am very happy with that. You don’t just see that in this play but the other night richie tried to stretch a double outta a single, and ibanez advancing to second on his rbi Single when the throw went home. Things of this nature are good to see in this club.

Meche continue into the 6th inning making the Mariners starting rotation 4 for 4 in 60 inning starts. I called into KJR yesterday as Softy had an open segment and I wanted to talk M's. I brought two things tot the table. A.) Kenji is a complete stud so far AND B.) if the rotation is going to give us 6-7 innings a start and 2-3 runs. Man this team is going to be good!!

Wow what a great time it is in mariner land. Let’s keep it going. The king goes tonight!! Could we be looking at a 4-1 start????


  1. "Jurassic blast". I love it.

    Meche looked better, but he still scares the hell out of me.

  2. I think it's pretty clear that we can only expect 5 innings from Meche. The guy is so inefficient with his pitches and builds up huge pitch counts. Woods going 2+ was huge, and it was nice to see Putz come back.

    I listened to a lot on XM and there was a hilarious Rizzs/Fairly exchange that I might make a post about.

  3. maaah4:48 PM

    meche still has the deer-in-the-headlights/woe-is-me look but pineiro seems to have gotten bolder. what's not to be excited about so far. if it goes downhill later, we can deal with that then. enjoy!!


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