Friday, April 21, 2006

whats up with eddie

When have you ever seen Eddie walk 4 hitters in one inning? When have you seen him walk in the go ahead run? Something is up with him. After the game Eddie said he didn’t know what was going on. He feels good and his pitches are not terrible. He just isn’t the Eddie from before so far this year. This was a big one two, thats two blown opportunities, I realize last night was not a save situation, in less than a week.
Is it time to start the conversation of moving Eddie to set up and soriano or putz to closer? I keep telling myself its only week 3, but from the looks of things 85-90 wins is going to win the west and dammit I think this team can win 80 plus so every game counts!! Discuss............


  1. maaah9:24 AM

    eddie is (was?) great, but it seems like those two games he blew were winnable and more importantly that we have the pitchers who can close them for us. probably IS time to find a new role for him. we need the momentum that wins like wednesday can give us. the two games that slipped away in eddie's hands (especially walking in the winning run)will do the opposite...more like a punch in the stomach.

  2. Neddy Ballgame12:15 PM

    Teh Bosox moved Foulke to set-up and look at their rookie closer --hasn't blown a save so far-- panic is not the correct responce but I thnk we all feel Eddie is runnning on fumes..he wasn't even close inthe 9th lasty night--I hate to seee him become anothe Bobby Ayala where we boo as soon as he stands to warm up....THIS may be one of hte few times a manager can make a difference --another factor might be the lack of opportunities Eddie has had to close--let's go back to the "fireman" role where your best reliever is htere to stop rallies as much as save wins and give Eddie a little more work..i'm grasping becasue last night's loss was much worse than Monday's walk-off loss !!

  3. Eddie is hurt. He has a fully torn rotator cuff. He's not going to get any better.

    I really wish the M's could have moved him at the deadline last year.

    This team is frustrating again. Can't win more than 2 in a row, can't get any sort of momentum going. Seriously-when's the last time the Mariners had a winning streak?


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