Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day Blues

0-1. Boo. I listened on my XM (best invention ever) today. That was tough loss (let's make it clear JJ Putz went to Michigan), but I'll take a few positives:

-Johjima's HR. Freaking sweet.
-The bottom part of the order. This is a much better lineup top to bottom than the last two years.
-Soriano throwing 96. (Organ music, angels singing, etc.)
-Petagine! There's your left-handed sock Bavasi. Huge addition to have that pop off the bench.
-Moyer pitched decent enough.
-Fairly said something truly hilarious. After Petagine's HR, Niehaus said the last pinch-hit homer for the M's was by Scott Spiezio against Toronto last year. Fairly says, "I think that was his only hit of the year right?". I LOLed.

Remember 2004? When the Angels came to Safeco and whipped the M's around? Not quite this time. This is a solid ballclub folks. Good lineup, solid bullpen (despite JJ Putz-Michigan grad) Of course, Piniero, Washburn, and Meche are throwing for the next three days so I may be singing a different tune come Thursday.

Here's the recap.


  1. I came away from the game thinking, Wow these guys can compete with any team. They are deep, young, seem to have a desire to win unlike the past few years. The bottom 2/3rd's, that’s right I said 2/3rds, are no longer automatic outs and that is a sight for sore eyes.

    Kenji looked solid yesterday, Moyer gave me everything I would want from him. He gave us a chance to win. Lets face it 3 runs a start in most cases is a W.

    A Co-Worker of mine, (good point Terak) brought up a really interesting point. Why in the 9th, tied 3-3, do we not bring in ready Eddie? The game is on the line you have runners on 2nd and 3rd I believe. This is Eddie time. I know Putz was good last year, mike may not like him, but I think he is a valuable asset. But this team must, and I am adamant about this, Must treat every game like a Playoff. That’s the kinda year they are in. They need to make drastic strides in a positive direction therefore every game counts!! Maybe we can get the faithful to chime in on this.

  2. I completely agree with that. Eddie should have been in there. You bring in your best bullpen arm for the most crucial situations.

    I don't mind Putz really, those Michigan jabs were mainly for Chris. I'm a big fan of him, Soriano, and Sherril.

  3. Isn't it great to be talking about baseball again?

  4. that it is. Out here back home mikey comcast has the mlb package for free this week, I didnt move off my couch yesterday!!!

  5. Neddy Ballgame6:27 PM teh game in person I ,too,had the passing thought about bringing Eddie in ---but things have gotten so skewed in baeball that no manager even thinks of tjhat any more--unlike in the past whne you ahd a "fireman' of hte year--the relief pitcher whose job was to stop the conflagration or not let it get started --now the "closer' cannot come in unless ther is a save opportunity--stupid , I say but we're in a different era

    but I was very pleased wihtthee game and the baserunning aggressiveness despite Jose's not well thought out attempt to go to second......
    bases loaded no outs!?@#$!--you MUST score at least one run in a situationj like that

    Openeing Day is fun and the M's didn't disappoint---let's see how Joel does tonight


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