Monday, October 03, 2005

Bryan Price Out

According to today's Seattle Times, Bryan Price is resigning as the M's pitching coach.Check it out

Interesting to note that the article says that Don Baylor is likely out as hitting coach. This is assuming he's hired for one of the six kajillion manager openings.

This is annoying. Now the M's have to spend time, resources, etc. filling out the coaching staff instead of going after players. Hopefully these spots can be taken care of quickly, before the free agent frenzy begins.

Price was a pretty good pitching coach. Anyone who can get through to Lou should be commended. We wish him well wherever his career takes him next.


  1. I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this. Price seemed to do a nice job, but I'm not really sure how he compares around the league. I wonder who all is out there. Clearly we're not getting the best, Leo Mazzone, but are there other good candidates out there?

    A pitching coach can have an effect on an entire organization, like Mazzone has, like Rick Peterson in Oakland (and now with the Mets). This can be a very important offseason signing.

    Travis left me a message today. He thinks this is bad. Care to expand Big Daddy?

  2. Neddy Ballgame12:13 PM

    initial thought was " not so good" but upon further review ,let Groved pick his man--he knows what he want/had before ( with Indains and O's) and it worked in Cleveland---hitting coach --not sure it s a big deal at all--Edgar has already turned it down--kind of a ceremonial position for hrte vets --may helo the kids ,not sure --if its an "old tinmer" may not help rookies since they use more tape etc,than the older players did--net,net probaly a wash to a plus

  3. Was that english neddy?

  4. That made me laugh mike.

    ANYWAY, BP leaving on his own accord I think speaks volumes for where this organization is. He has been with this team for 19 years in some fashion and to just up and leave i think means there are some serious problems in the office.

    I know people say that the manager should be able to pick his staff. But look at it this way if your going to compile a list of the best pitching coaches available who do you think is the top name on the freaking list???? Its the guy that just walked away from you Brian Price!! Your not gonna be any better without him. He knows more about our system than anyone on that freaking coaching staff does. This is much bigger than people are making it out to be. I'm at work I have more to say but I gotta actually work so ill post more later.

  5. I think Travis makes a great point about Price's knowledge of the organization. That, to me, is the biggest loss with his resignation.

    I'd be interested in Rafael Chaves (sp? again....and to think I won several class spelling bees in elementart school) from Tacoma. A lot of guys have come up from AAA to the M's and succeeded right away. He's also got that knowledge of the M's that Price has.

    There are rumors that Hargrove wants to bring in Mark Wiley, his guy in Cleveland and Baltimore. You can't argue with the success they had in Cleveland, but I'm just not sure I'm sold on that idea. Apparantly they led the league in ERA one year, and were an out away from a championship in 1997. I don't know enough about him to make a judgment either way.

  6. Has anyone taken notice of what just happened in Texas? They've jumped on the young stat-driven, Ivy-league GM bandwagon. Worked in Boston, is working pretty well in Toronto, and the jury's still out in Los Angeles.

    Look out for the Rangers.

  7. olivo is on deck in the card padre game, im gonna puke

  8. Neddy Ballgame12:23 PM

    why no outrage over a "cheater" getting Most improved becasue he was "sick" due to steroiods nad had a lousy year in 2004...where are all the Sexson boosters!!!!

  9. What about the rumors or Mel Stottlemyre as M's pitching coach? He's leaving the Yankees to spend more time at home - in Issaquah. He has been a great pitching coach for a long time - maybe he could bring some stability to the young guys the M's are trying to develop.


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