Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Griffey, Cameron,......Jones?

The next great Mariner centerfielder may be being molded in Arizona right now. Adam Jones, the M's 1st-round pick in 2003, has been moved from short stop to centerfield. Yuniesky Betancourt's brilliant play with the big club this year has Jones being moved to the position that George Kenneth owned for so many years in Seattle. His successor, Mike Cameron, wasn't too shabby himself.

An obvious question is what will happen to Jeremy Reed? I'd say move him to left. Would a ball drop in an outfield of Reed, Jones, and Ichiro? Reminds me of the Winn, Cameron, Ichiro outfield of a couple years back.

It's doubtful that Jones will be ready for the big-time in 2006, but it'll be fun to keep an eye on his progress.


  1. Looks like I'm holding down the fort here. That was really awesome to see Edgar with all those other Latino greats tonight. He looks skinny by the way.

  2. Neddy Ballgame11:02 PM

    yes, I voted for 'Gar......not a bad World Series as far as Chisox fans go --and I was one this year ---guess we helped the TV ratings which supposedly were the worst ever

  3. Neddy Ballgame11:05 PM

    by the way ,what's a Javelina ?--what do you all think happens to Mike Morse

  4. I don’t know much about this Jones guy but I have heard his name pop up a lot lately in various things, from radio to the random bit of news that comes across big daddy's desk. I love the idea of a speed outfield, but then the question comes where is the power. I for one don’t think we can count on beltre. I think he will be better than last year but how much I do not know. I still love the signing of him though. I think we are going to need to find another spot for pop and that screams to me DH. And we had that guy, we let him go, the twins let him go. He now resides in Boston with some obnoxious fans. Ortiz would have been incredible here!!

    I juSt dont know where we can get that pop. How cool though would have it been to have gotten Chris Burke for moyer??? Burke looked pretty good this post season and that was the rumored deal.

  5. Give Beltre time. It was a bad year, yes. But he's 26 and we have him for 4 more years. Don't you jump off the Beltre wagon yet Travis!!!!

    Neddy-a javelina is a little warthog/pig like thing that lives in the desert. We used to read a story called "The Three Little Javelinas" in my Bmore City third grade class.


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