Thursday, October 27, 2005

Not wasting any time....

The World Series hasn't been over for 24 hours, and the M's already have made their first moves of the offseason. The M's named their new hitting and pitching coaches today. Rafael Chaves is heading up I-5 from Tacoma, and Jeff Pentland is moving from the worst offense team in Kansas City to another crappy offensive team in the Mariners.

I like the Chaves move if for no other reason than he and Felix have a good relationship. The Pentland signing is kinda random, but whatever. I like the idea of bringing Tim Wallach on board since he was the guy who worked with Beltre in 2004, but no big deal.

So it begins....who's next?


  1. Travis and I had a discussion today about the worthlessness of a hitting coach. My favorite quote from Big Daddy was "they're adults, just go in the cage and try some new things."

  2. Neddy Ballgame4:21 PM

    who in the heck is "anonymous"--a random blogger ...

    the Roan move to the big club will pay off --fo r some reason I like him

  3. mike i gave sound advice. A hitting coach is essentially a retired MLB player end of story. Its a worthless spot on the team.

  4. Neddy Ballgame1:27 PM

    is this a cruel joke??...........5. What do the Phils do with David Bell? Bell is best known in Philly for being a huge disappointment and the reason why GM Ed Wade is unemployed at this time. One talk-show rumor has Thome and Bell being shipped to Seattle for their disappointment, Adrian Beltre....thjis was on MSNBC sports web----no,no,no not David Bell again


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