Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sweet Lou on the broadcast!!

For the american league championship series our boy Lou Pinella will be doing color comentary. My friends this is comedy gold. I can listen to Lou talk for hours.


  1. That picture is classic.

    Practically speaking, bringing back lou may not be the best idea. But dear God that man is entertaining. Sure would have made the last two years a lot more fun to follow.

  2. Neddy Ballgame6:02 PM

    ..amen to that....teh Junior Griffey talk is fun but that will never happen--I am glad to see him have a good year..George Kenneth,Jr. will always be a Mariner to me( "S" on HOF cap,right!!)

  3. I jsut miss Lou. He brought something different to the team. Not that grover is a bad manager, he just has zero personality. He's at least not as bad as Melvin.

  4. At least Melvin won 93 games. Shows how important a manager is'NT

  5. I miss Sweet Lou something fierce. Man that's a classic picture!

    I realize I've been spelling Pinella (sic) wrong all these years as well. It's actually Piniella...

  6. LouPa and JoePa = greatest coaches ever!!!!


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