Saturday, October 22, 2005

The World Serious

So that this blog doesn't die due to inactivity, I thought it'd be a good idea to talk about something non-Mariner related. We've got a couple of weeks until the Hot Stove is fully heated (right now it's on preheat). So let's talk about the World Series.

I am slow on posting this, but there was a great article on ESPN the other day about how the Astros and White Sox are two teams who have torturous histories, but whose fans haven't whined and complained about it *cough* Red Sox *cough* Cubs *cough*. Because of this, neither of them get the national pub of those other woe is me ballclubs.

I think the trend of the last 2 years is very encouraging for the Mariners. The Red Sox win last year, ending an 86-year drought. The Astros or White Sox will win this year, ending one of their droughts. The Mariners are probably a few notches down the list of teams that need a World Series, but if things keep going this way, we should expect a championship by 2010.

As far as the series itself, I'm not sure where I'm leaning. The Astros have the edge with their starting pitching and bullpen, but the Sox have a better lineup. "They" always say pitching wins championships, so I guess Houston would be the smart pick. But my American League/Freddy Garcia allegiance has me rooting for the Sox.

Go M's!!!!!


  1. By the way, Roy good.

  2. Neddy Ballgame3:29 PM

    yes, I remember 1959 very well, the Go Go Chisox----Iost Series but as anAMerican Leaguer(excpt for th Yankees) gotta root for them again--besides who wants Clemens to win a world series ring--certainly not a cough Red Sox cough diehard!!

  3. Sox take game 1. That's big. I thought the Astros had the advantage with Clemens on the hill.

  4. Neddy Ballgame9:49 AM

    Go ex-Mariners!! In addition to Podsednik(remember his first hit as an M--triple with bases juiced and we all bitched at 3rd base coach for holding him at third and not get an inside the parker) heard that Charlie Gipsn may be on Astro's 25 man roster --my .oh my !!!

  5. There are 4 comments, but it only says there are 2. Weird.

    Wow. Are the Sox really gonna pull this off? This is truly their year.

    I was at that Podsednik game. I think he's overrated, but it sucks the M's got nothing for him.

  6. i will be in chicago on saturday - scheduled game 6 - so let's go oswalt. if the 'stros take 2 of the next 3, the chisox could be clinching the same night that michigan loses to northwestern in football. huge night for the city of chicago.

    but . . .

    is charles gipson really on the astros' roster? for the world series? maybe houston can sweep all 3 at home, then take game 6 on saturday in chicago. i'll take my gipson jersey with me just in case.

  7. The gipson loyalty runs deep.

  8. Did anyone stay up for that last night? I know I didn't.

    This has the be the most exciting 3-0 series of all time.

  9. Neddy Ballgame10:59 PM

    yes I did but have the 3 hour west coast time zone advantage--good for teh White Sox that they won it all


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