Thursday, January 26, 2006

Meche is back

The man whose career I ruined (remember this?) avoided arbitration today. Gil Meche is back for another year at $3.7 million. I still like the idea of using him in the bullpen, but I'd assume he'll start. If so, the rotation could be:


Gil is still only 27. I really don't think he's as talented as I originally thought. But, maybe he can be a reliable 4th or 5th guy for a while. Just like last year, a successful year from him and Joel could mean big things for the M's. I just wouldn't count on it.


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    It just won't matter how Meche does now that the mighty Oakland A's have aquired Frank Thomas!

  2. OK then. I thought that was a pretty good signing for the A's.

  3. it could be a good signing but the big hurt is always hurt. If he can remain healthy its a good signing but I bet we see him go down for the count mid year.

  4. the fact that they got him for $500K while the M;s paid $4 million for Carl Everett tells you why the A's will continute to outperform the Mariners on the field.

  5. carl everett will have better numbers than thomas, but not 8 times better.

    i have read that they want felix to be the 5th starter, i assume so that he will skip a start here and there to keep the milage on his arm low. plus, i wouldnt want a 19 year old to be the official ace - even if he is the best pitcher. moyer is still the leader out of the gate to be the opening day starter. it's sordive sad really, that the m's can't find anyone to replace him. i get this feeling that he keeps re-signing out of pity, and that he would really like to just retire.

  6. That rotation isn't as bad as some of us might be tempted to think. Given the ages of Pineiro and Meche, I have a hard time believing their best years are behind them. I think their best years are ahead, but the question is whether they can have those good years with the Mariners. A new pitching coach might change the outlook a little this year. I'm willing to give those two guys another chance.


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