Monday, January 23, 2006


OK I know this is probably breaking all sorts of blog rules, but I think the Seahawks deserved a post. That man is Curt Warner, my all-time favorite Seahawk. While I am a much bigger fan of the Mariners than the Seahawks, I have to admit that what's going on is a pretty special thing. Not just for the Seahawks and their fans, but for the entire city of Seattle.

Since I was a kid, Seattle has gone from cozy little lumberjack town to major international metropolis (slight exagerration but whatever, and yes I know I misspelled exaggeration so lay off chris and maah). But, as a sports town, Seattle has never been taken very seriously. This has probably been deserved, as no Seattle team has won a championship since 1979. Teams like the '94 Sonics and '01 Mariners certainly didn't do their part in helping to put Seattle on the sports map. Plus, Seattle fans have a reputation as being apathetic about sports. But this one is big. This is the Super Bowl. The most watched event in America every year. The most overhyped and absolutely American thing that exists. You want capitalism? Super Bowl. You want consumerism? Super Bowl. You want morons? SUPER BOWL. This is when we get to show the world how idiotic our society is. And Seattle is a part of it! Even with all the heartbreak that Seattle teams have brought us over the years, I really think just getting to this one is an incredible thing. Obviously I will be cheering for the Seahawks, and I may finally get that Sports Illustrated championship pack I've coveted for so long. But win or lose, the next two weeks will change Seattle's place in the sports world forever. Or at least a few months.

Go Seahawks. I really wish they'd go back to the old uniforms though. God those new ones are ugly.


  1. Neddy Ballgame7:32 PM

    Since Pitchers and Catchers don;t report until Feb 15th,it is appropriate for Mariner MAgic to extol the virtues of the hometown Seahawks and their upcoming Super Bowl appearance--need to stick up for the local teams.
    ( Safeco Field was open on Sunday and apparently a few fans went to MAriners Team Store to try to buy Seahawks' gear !!!)
    Maybe the Super Bowl champ Hawks can throw out teh first pitch on Opening Day ?!?!?
    ..go Hawks !!!!---kick off a spectacular sports year in Seattle---and hjope our Japanese pitcher leanrs both English and Spanish well enough to know how to call for a splitter in the dirt ..

  2. i like the new unis - and im glad that the steelers chose white jerseys so that the hawks are going to wear the all whatever blue/green color they are.


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