Friday, January 20, 2006

Freaking baseball is almost here. We're slacking. Hard. So here's something to read....Felix WBC status unclear.

Woo! Go Seahawks. Do it for Daryl Turner, Joe Nash, and Curt Warner (from?).

~EDIT Big Daddy

I couldnt resist, I got this from the seattletimes this pic makes me so happy!!


  1. Neddy Ballgame10:21 PM

    Let's not jinx them,but...when Hawks make the Super Bowl,then only the MArienrs remain as the pro team without having made it to the big dance...sooooo while 2006 may not be the year,the Mariners are more than due !!!

    ..also do it for Dave Krieg, Franco Harris ,Dave Brown ( who just passed away), Kenny Easley

  2. John Clayton said this was the biggest sporting event in Seattle sports history. I know he's a football guy and is going to be biased, but how can you say that when the Sonics won a championship and have to two other Finals? He's a goober though.

  3. sorry mike Clayton is correct this is the biggest sportting even ins eattle sports history. Larger than the 79 sonics, larger thant the 95 mariners, larger than the 96 sonics. This is amazing

  4. Neddy Ballgame10:04 AM

    congrats t o the Seahawks--this is very big for sure---the hype is just beginning and I think we'll begin to realize how big this really is as these 2 weeks progress--we are focus of the nation now !! whether its bigger than anything else we've seen,well that is inthe eye o the beholder but doing something for the FIRST time makes it huge and now we have some bragging rights GO HAWKS !!!

  5. OK now that they won it is. I agree that the Super Bowl is the biggest. But the championship game wasn't.

  6. Let me rephrase that...

    Winning the championship game may be the biggest win ever, and the Super Bowl itself (regardless of the outcome) is definitely the biggest sporting event in Seattle history.

    My points were:
    1) Going into the championship game wasn' the biggest ever, as there have been more than one Seattle team to get that level.

    2) John Clayton is a goober. I think we can all agree on that.

  7. i agree with mike - you can't call the game that gets you to the big one the biggest of all time. besides, if they hadn't won, how would that nfc championship game be any bigger than the '84 afc championship game? i guess i've never quite understood why the nfl is such a big whoop, but i will say that for the first time ever i will remember who won the super bowl 3 months after the game.

    clayton is a tool, but watching he and sean salisury do their high school cocky qb vs. band dork routine makes me really want to see salisbury get hit in the head with something heavy. sean, the world is not a john hughes movie.


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