Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Neddy Ball Game at Fantasy Camp

We're all about the fan here. Magic Faithful Chris has asked for a post on Neddy Ball Game. You got it.

For those who don't know, Neddy Ball Game (aka one of the 3 regular posters here and Mike L's dad) has been at Mariners Fantasy Camp in Arizona the past few days. Dave Henderson is running the camp, and ex-Mariner "stars" Darnell Coles, Jeffrey Leonard, and Mike Moore are also there. Neddy is on Leonard's team, the Hac-a-Mores. They've won every game they've played so far.

Check out the site. Each day there are updates on all the action. This is a great way to wet our appetites for the real thing.


  1. maaah5:54 PM

    the expression is: "whet our appetites"

    neddy ballgame was in a homerun hitting contest today and was tied for third. in a play off for third he lost out. but hac man likes his attitude...when somebody told him he was out of the contest after not connecting on the first pitch...he pretty much said the *#!& with that. it all sounds very fun.

  2. will you english majors get off my back?

  3. Neddy Ballgame1:42 PM

    Baseball is a very tough game physically---I appreciate much more now what the big leaguers go through--a doubleheader takes it out of you (especially if you're not in "Baseball" shape--which is unique ,I feel, to any other sport--where else do you have to go from a standing start to full speed in one step- over and over and over again)--my quads are gone --hammies ,surprisingly OK,..and Jeffrey Leonard takes me out for pinch runner if/when I get on base each time (special rules for fantasy camp--I even get a courtesy runner who runs for me out of the box since Hack feels (and rightly so) I really can't run well enough) --we've lost our last 2 games and are now on brink of elimination --Hack has been uncharacteristaically quiet nad I told him that I didn't like him when he's quiet ( he was most vocal in our first 2 games--he is a kick !!)...for first couple of mornigns John Marzano( former M's backup catcher and known as "Air Time" for always making sure he sat next to Junior after Griffery hit a home run so he (Marzie) would get TV time since he didn't get any of his own)--I asked him about this as we were both in a pre-game hot tub soak (and he's listening to XM Radio's Major League update) and he admitted that yes he did this every cahnce he got !..Peoria is a beautiful 70 degrees no clouds ,cool in evenings and mornings but warm for afternoon games. I knew I was a pretty poor ballplayer when I was younger and I have not gotten any better as I've aged--but all are nice about my dumb misplays in Left or Right and give me a "nice try"--except Hack --he asked me what's the problem--I was hitting harder and higher balls to you in practice and you fielded them !--never a break !!! Lots of stories from the ex Major Leaguers I can tell you all later... thanks for keeping me in mind--any hot M's rumors ..Mike Moore thinks the new Japanese catcher will not have any problems communicating--I think I get to face him "live" on Saturday --Moore pitched BP to us and I can say I hit a single off him during BP--the Home Run Derby was a kick and I shocked myself and most others--highlight of the camp.

  4. Check out that swing! Way to get use the power in your legs!

  5. Only about 4 to 4 1/2 weeks until pitchers and catchers report!

  6. I love those words. Football is fun and all, but nothing beats baseball season.

  7. Neddy has a nice-looking swing! I'm jealous, Neddy, you must be having the time of your life!


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