Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back to business

Yes the Seahawks stuff is cool, but this is a Mariners blog. So, a few snippets of info..

Johjima's in Seattle. He looks pretty fired up in that picture.

This is a couple days old, but Shiggy retired. He was very good for a couple years in Seattle, including an All-Star appearance in 2003, but he got old and the M's were overpaying for him. Thanks for the good times Shiggy.

From the optimism department, Beltre and Sexson are expected to produce big numbers. Yeesh. My guess? Sexson will get injured and Beltre will have a big year. I really have a bad feeling about Sexson this year, I don't know why.

Oh, and this article from USA Today. Apparantly the M's just needed some more attitude. Yep. That'll get you 20 more wins for sure. Hargrove was the guy who wanted Everett. Even more reason to dislike Hargrove, but we'll see how the season goes.


  1. Neddy Ballgame1:40 PM

    I'm more bullish on Sexson--especially wiht Everett to help in the batting order- as much as I hate Juraissic Carl if he hits he can be a balance in the order that helps Adrian a nd Richie.. Jeremy was in Peoria while I was at Fantasy CAmp ( as was Willie B.)and he appears to be chomping at the bit to prove himself--he could be the surprise of '06.and Matt Lawton could be a sleeper as well---see how wild-eyed optimism can surface 3 weeks before pichers ands catchers report... teh HAwks can lead us into what may be a surprise year at eh old ballyard !

  2. Bavasi had a good point in the USA Today article when he said there isn't a guaranteed out in that lineup anymore. I am definitely interested in what Lawton can bring to the table. I'm going to stay optimistic as well. It's not fun if you don't

  3. I'm fairly optimistic too, actually.

    I think the chances are better that Sexson and Beltre will have good years in 2006 than are the chances they would both suck or that it would be a repeat of last year. Barring injury, I think there's just too much talent there between the two of them for their combined efforts to show an increase this year.

    Not having Franklin in the rotation is fine with me. We basically replaced him with Washburn, who is not spectacular but is pretty steady.

    Johjima is ready to take on MLB, and I'm optimistic about him being a .275 hitter who will pop about 15-18 homers and play fairly well behind the plate.

    Johjima and Washburn should help, and Lawton and Everett should help the offense. If Lopez and Betancourt continue to develop their all-around games, I don't see why we can't move up in the standings. I think we need to clean up the bullpen a little during spring training (i.e. whither Thornton?) and then we'll be on track for at least a .500 season!

    Hope springs eternal. Pitchers and catchers report in about 20 days!! What is the official date, February 16? YEAH!!!!

    Time to start thinking about who to draft in fantasy leagues too. !!! Face it, for some of us, baseball season is ALL YEAR ROUND!

  4. Snave I think I'm more optimistic than you about the bullpen. I actually think it may be the M's strongest area. May need another lefty down there though.

    I'm doing a fantasy mock draft tonight.


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