Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Meche to the 'pen?

OK it's clear that no one cares about the M's before but dammit (most people spell it damnit, but I like to be different) this blog will not die like this season.
Gil Meche. We all know I cursed him when I bought his jersey in 2003. But, he did something very intriguing last night. Pitching for the first time since going on the DL August 20th, Meche pitched 2 innings in relief. His line:
2 IP, 2 K, 19 Pitches
Gil had this to say after the game:

"It's a different mindset coming in from the bullpen. You can get after it; you don't have to pace yourself. I'm just looking forward to getting into a couple more games."


What's Meche's problem been all year? He tries to get cute with his pitches, doesn't go after hitters with his great stuff, and throws tons of pitches. But that quote sounds like he's pretty comfortable coming out of the bullpen. I think it'd be really interesting to see what he could do as a set up man. He's got a great fastball and curve, and could just come right in a go after people. No nibbling, no nothing. 


However, he's moving back into the rotation and Jeff Harris will be in the bullpen. Am I the only one who would like to see more of Meche as a reliever?

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  1. Neddy Ballgame10:04 AM

    I must admit I was only half-heartedly watching last night's game until Gilly came in and all of a sudden there is this amazing pitcher on hte mound--who is thjis guy--painting the black wiht his fastball and the drop dead curveball--my vote is Bulpen for Gil--he doesn';t have to prepare ,he doesnt hve ot think --just throw stuff tlike he did last night--right on Mike L !!

  2. another vote for gil in the bullpen. he looked calm and sure of himself. his own remarks speak for themselves. it was a pleasure to watch him pitch (for a change).

  3. one outing im not getting back on his wagon after one outing. Lets not forget meche was the man at the end of last year......

  4. that's not the point. he may suck at this role, but it's worth checking it out

  5. Mike is a hater and should ne banned from the blog

  6. Stop with the negativitiy travis before I ban you. No blog for you!

  7. USSMariner did something on bringing Kevin Brown to the M's. It was an interesting argument

  8. I'd be all for trying Meche as a late-innings set-up guy. I'm not sure he has a closer mentality, but maybe he does... although if he does, he might have to close out games for another team because I think the M's are grooming Soriano for that role. I think if Meche can adapt to the bullpen, the bullpen would be that much better.

    The Mariners might want to think about getting another starting pitcher over the winter. I could stand seeing Hernandez, Moyer, Madritsch (if healthy) and Pineiro in the rotation. Who else would they use? The number five guy could be one of Livingston, Baek, Nageotte, Blackley, Harris, etc. but I would prefer to see them spend free agent money this winter on a good starting pitcher if any are available.

    If the bullpen candidates for next year are primarily Guardado, Meche, Mateo, Soriano, Sherrill, Atchison, Putz, Thornton, Nageotte... they might have a couple of guys who could be valuable in trades if everyone stays healthy.

    What other positions should the M's shore up through free agency or trades?

    Kevin Brown to the M's? Why? I think the guy is an ANUS, whose best years are far behind him...

    I love the Mariners, no matter what. I like the acquisitions of Sexson and Beltre, even if Beltre's bat has been disappointing. I'm amazed by Betancourt, and I think (I hope) he will become more patient at the plate. Dobbs' hitting is improving, Lopez looks like he will become a solid player, and I like the catchers we have (I'd like to see Torrealba get most of the playing time, with Rivera working his way into the mix). I think Reed is one of the best CF in MLB; I'd like to see his bat improve, but I think it will. Morse is multi-talented, not as good at the plate as he was earlier, but still has lots of poise and plenty of potential. And we still have Ichiro and Ibanez!

    I'm optimistic we'll see .500 again next year, and things will trend upward from there!

  9. Snave! Good to have you back buddy. Soon enough people we can start talking about the offseason.

    Travis and I had a conversation about someone we'd love to see the M's get....Hideki Matsui. There will be plenty of posts devoted to that kind of stuff once the season is over...officially over that is.

  10. Ooooh, I'd love to see them get Matsui (Hideki, not Kaz) although we would have to put up with the nickname "Godzilla"... ugh. That's o.k. He would have a few good years left. I guess there is some speculation that if Griffey is healthy the M's might bring him back to DH. I don't know about that, he never really liked Safeco and I think he would be a high injury risk, but who knows. He had a good season this year, and may have a few good years left.

    Right... once the season is OFFICIALLY over! I dearly love Hot Stove League time, though. Then we can all have fun proposing ridiculous trades and blowing fun but gaping holes in each others' theories about who would be good or bad to acquire and why or why not. Let's hope this winter is as intriguing as last year's!

    As for right now, I just want the M's to avoid 90 losses for this year. Then avoid 80 losses next year, then avoid 70 the year after that. Then we'll be back on course!


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