Monday, September 26, 2005

Important statistical analysis

Number Muncher for the last week of the season:

Jose Lopez has blasted 17 doubles in 48 games this year. Extrapolated over a full season, the second half of our double play combo would leg out an Edgar-esque 57 doubles.

Thank you.

* This statistical analysis was brought to you by Number Munchers.

Those of you who have played the game, which features an angular frog with an insatiable appetite for numbers, will understand and appreciate their sponsorship. We hope this feature will become a regular in the season to come.


  1. Oy those comments are annoying. Guess you can avoid those things when your blog isn't free.

    Number Munchers....that is definitely familiar. Was that a computer math game?

    I noticed that too about Lopez. 17 doubles in 48 games. That's sweet.

  2. number munchers was the shizz. MUST EAT PRIME NUMBERS!!!!!!

    I am not sold on Jose Lopez, but it looks like he is the guy they want to go with. I'm ready for the offseason and the bidding wars to begin. One hitter, one pitcher please! Then lets get to spring training. I am very excited for next year. The pen is going to be really strong and I think adding a bat *cough* Matsui *cough* and a pitcher might be what we need to turn this abby around. Dare I say 80 wins next year????

  3. Oh man, I love Number Munchers...and Word Munchers for that matter. At the time, I didn't notice, but recently I've wondered why the frog doesn't put on more weight with all of the numbers or words he munches. He always stays slim and trim. I think he must have a high metabolism or something.

    This morning I suddenly got excited about the offseason. We still have a few weeks to go. While they'll assuredly claim poverty as usual, it seems the M's will have nearly as much money to spend as last year. Shiggy ($3m), Wiki ($2m), Jarvis ($.5m, remember him?), Danny ($3.5m), Boonie ($8m), Moyer ($6m), Winn ($3.75), Frankie ($2.4m non-tender?)...added together, that's like, lots of millions - almost $30m. Ichiro, Pineiro, Sexson all get sizable raises, bringing it down to a bit less than $20m. However, as far as I know, they're under their mark this season anyway.

    Needless to say there should be some serious action. There isn't much out there on the free agent market (although I'm sure they'll add a starter). That said, I would assume Bavasi would be very active in trade talks. Perhaps, more active than we've seen with the M's in a long time.

    The anticipation is mounting...

  4. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Iloved number munchers. I want to show my kids this game.How can you get it?


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