Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Let it begin....

Yeah yeah 6 games left Felix pitching tonight whatever. It's time to start talking offseason. Larry Larue sat down with Bavasi and he had a lot of interesting things to say about the offseason plans. Check it out.

It sounds to me like Bavasi's got a plan that most of us would agree with. Starting pitching, a lefty-bat, and anything else from there is gravy. My favorite quote from the article is from Pat Gillick: "That first offseason was a mess for Bill," Gillick said. "I saddled him with a lot."

Since Bavasi has come on, the M's have flat out sucked. Spiezio and Aurillia were disasters. Since that first offseason, I think he's rebounded well. Let's see how he does this winter


  1. Loved Larue's article. Talk about asking the questions properly.

    Mike, that quote from Gillick is an absolute classic. I really wonder whether he knew he was saddling the next GM with that mess. And then he somehow convinces Bavasi to trade Guillen to boot. What a goober.

  2. Goober Pat! After he left, he was probably chuckling about having gotten off the ship just in time, before it sunk royally.


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