Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Daddy's return! What is going on with our minor league system!

Today this came across my desk:

"The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball today announced that Michael Morse of the Seattle Mariners has been suspended 10 days, effective today, for violation of Major League Baseball's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program"

Yet another Mariner. This team is by far and away the leaders in positive tests. What is going on here!!! Morse is our boy and I believe what he has to say found HERE .

I really don't know why this keeps happening but I freaking tired of it!! Discuss:


It sounds like Morse is being punished 3 times for the same steriod. I am still a bit fuzzy on the details but it doesnt sound like he really has done anything wrong recently.


  1. Morse cheated. Flat out. I don't feel sorry for him

  2. it was 3 years ago dude and he hasnt done it since. I remember a few tests in high school were we cheated and I forgive you. Give the guy a break

  3. Big Daddy, take off the Mariner fan glasses for a second. Would you be saying this if he wasn't "our boy" and wasn't on the Mariners? You can't get all over Palmeiro and then say you believe Morse. How many more excuses are these players going to give?

    And how do we know he hasn't done it since? Why is it ok to believe him?

    Having said that, do I really care that much? No, and I think the outrage fans feel is a litte bit absurd. I just think it's ridiculous how we ostricize some players but are forgiving of others. It's all hearsay, and we don't know anything except that some people have tested positive and others haven't.

    Do I think Morse is a bad person because of this..No. Do I think less of him? Nah-he did what he Is he still our boy? Sure.

    Wow I asked a whole lot of questions in there.

  4. if you think that mike morse tested positive for steriods in 2004 and 2005 based on something that he took in 2003 - i am surprised that you were able to find the switch that turns your computer on to post a message on the topic. if morse thinks that anyone would believe this, then he is either the dumbest dumb jock of all time, or a really cocky asshole.

    like mike said, im getting tired of the indignation that fans have for athletes who take steriods, its their body, they can do what they choose with it - but c'mon morse - we are smarter than that. just take your punishement like a man. same for you ryan franklin. i dont know if jamal strong made up a stupid story or not - but if he did, then him too.

  5. By the way Travis the way you wrote that post was awesome...."This came across my desk".

    You truly are the Big Daddy in your office.

  6. heck yes rolling in Bigdum here!!! Diamnod club for me tomorrow night yeeehaaaa. Dad got me tickets. I was hoping to get 4 but he only gave me the one, oh well its still awesome

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