Monday, July 03, 2006

one game

So the mariner’s are one game out of first........................... Did I really just write that. It has to be a typo right? Nope it’s true one game out. And lets be honest they were in every game over the weekend the breaks just didn’t go their way. It happens. This is a big series here against the angels. If they can take 2 or dare I say sweep that might be a nail in the coffin for the angels and one less team to worry about.

I think with the Reed injury this is going to force the M's hand. They have to make a move for a outfield bat. Mike and I both want Carlos Lee as much as we want Jessica Alba. This guy would be perfect. I think Ichiro has to move to Center and you slam Raul and Lee on the corners. You can then bring up Chris "Doyle" Snelling to ether DH or play a corner spot and give Everett his walking papers. This is a division the M's can win and I think they know that so lets hold our breath and hope they make the right move.

I’m fired up for this week it could be a really good one for M's Fans!

Singles night at the safe..........Ladies Holler at me


  1. maaah9:22 AM

    Big Daddy....i am a little of the no knitting night purist strain stooping to indulge in singles night...well, anyway...good luck with that....want to wear the victory sock?

    speaking of the sock...doesn't seem to work draped over the t.v. it has returned to the bed upstairs. returned in the middle of the last pineiro debacle, and we got out of that mess. the real question is: do i clean the room up and change the sheets or leave the dna in the air until october? i'm looking for advice.

  2. o.k...well...obviously...sock or no sock....the mariners have lost their groove yet again...i guess it really was a streak and they really aren't good after all. or maybe they should be in the national league...i thought that was dumb when others were saying it, but maybe not.

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