Thursday, July 27, 2006

Good feelings

I feel good about a few things:

1) Survival 6-6 against the Yankees, Red Sox, and Blue Jays. Winners of the last 2 series. And....3 games back. The Mariners have survived, in my opinion, the toughest stretch of games they will encounter in the 2nd half.

2) Changes
The Ben Broussard trade is good because
a) The M's got a solid lefty bat without giving up too much
b) Carl Everett is gone
c) A platoon with Eduardo Perez at DH is sweet
d) All of the above

3) Hope
Three games back. I don't care that they're in last place or 3 games under .500. I don't care that if they were in any other division in the AL, they'd be out if right now. All I know is the Mariners have weathered the storm(s) of Guardado, Everett, and Felix sucking and are still in it. Imagine if the Mariners had started with this exact team from Opening Day. Do you think they'd be three games better? I do. The difference between Putz and Guardado alone could make that up.

I'm still cautiously optimistic, becuase one more lousy week or two can pretty much sink the Mariners for the season. But, one more fantastic week or two can put them in first place. And even if they don't end up making the playoffs, think about what the experience of a pennant race could mean for Lopez, Betancourt, Felix, Jones, etc. This could be a fun two months M's fans. Stay tuned.


  1. Neddy Ballgame1:13 PM

    Hear,hear...without Eddie's 3-4 blown saves and we're tied or in first...this team IS getting exciting even with JJ making the 9th more interesting than he had been...its starting to jell..Jones is figuring out how to go back on a ball and Yuni is hitting like a former SS now with the Evil Empire(with fewer errors!)...should be a good week back east--enjoy the last 60+ games!!!!

  2. Neddy Ballgame8:45 PM

    Day game today (Wed 8/9)--WAshburn has a no-no for 5 innings now leave for Texas--big road trip--feeling OK about our hometown nine...Beltre looking like what we're paying for and pitching is holding up wiht the 'pen lights out---WE CAN DO IT !!!

  3. maaah5:58 PM

    hey!! 2 out of 3 against the yankees. i know the season is over but that was fun!! how about a new post?!

  4. OK i'm gonna make a post soon. I mean it.


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