Tuesday, July 18, 2006


EDIT: I apologize for the post below. I read it over this morning and was like, "Damn yo, you be sounding like you think your better than people." Which I don't. I'm just mad about the Sonics. So, sorry Seattle fans.

Yes yes. We're still alive. Although the chances people are still coming here are pretty slim, but whatever.

I'm done stressing about the 2006 Mariners. I came in thinking an 80-82 season with hope for 2007 would be nice, and that can still happen. So, at this point, I couldn't care less about wins and losses. This way if they do end up making it to the postseason, it will make me do lots of smiling. And if they don't, well I'm not expecting them to anyway.

Earlier today I was feeling disappointed in myself. I've always been a "stick with the team no matter what" kind of fan. I've always despised fairweather fans. And growing up in Seattle is like being in some sort of fairweather fan breeding ground (more on that later). But, I'm not giving up on the team. I'm still excited about the future with Betancourt, Lopez, Felix, Soriano, and now Adam Jones. And how about Mark Lowe? He's filthy. I do believe the future is bright for the Mariners. Whether it's 2007 or later, they'll be contenders again. And, more losses could mean less Mike Hargrove. It's just hard to get excited about this team right now, and I'm not going to lose hair or years off my life stressing over every win and loss. It's just not worth it. My loyalty isn't any weaker, it's just gained a little bit of perspective.

There is something happening in Seattle does have me worked up. I'm sure we all know that the Sonics could be moving to Oklahoma City. Now, nothing's official yet so I'm going to hope for the best. But, the fact that the Sonics might move isn't what has me pissed off. It's the fact that Seattle "fans" aren't going to care.

Things aren't as bad as they used to be, but Seattle is the defintion of a fairweather sports town. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Should we admire Philadelphia or Chicago for their insane fan bases? Maybe not. But what irks me is that I get the impression that most sports fans in Seattle won't think twice about the Sonics moving. Why? Because they had one bad season. So they must suck. So that means people don't pay a bit of attention to them. Nevermind the fact that they were the first pro franchise in Seattle. Or that they're the only team with a championship. Or that they've had BY FAR the most success of any of the major pro teams in Seattle. Or that they could be pretty damn good next year. I'm not in Seattle, but I've had enough experience with Seattle fans to know what they're like. Can we review the fact that the Sonics had ONE BAD SEASON?! They had one of the most exciting seasons in years in 2004-2005.

Reading some of these comments only drove the point home for me. For whatever reason, Seattle fans can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Right now, the Seahawks are the gum. They're the team having the most success. Of course they are going to be the #1 draw in town. That'd be true in any town. But, take yourself back six or eight years. If this OK City thing was going down then, I'm going to assume a lot more people would be upset about it. And the Seahawks were barely being acknowledged. I will say that I've been impressed with the level of loyalty fans have shown the Mariners. Maybe it's Safeco, maybe it's the Hall of Famers that have played for the M's over the last 15 years, maybe it's the M's marketing department, or maybe Seattle is a halfway decent baseball town.

I realize I'm rambling so I'm going to stop. I think seeing people say things like "good riddance" on Lookout Landing sparked something in me. I could be dead wrong. Maybe the fans of Seattle will come out in droves and fight this thing. But, unless the Sonics do some winning this year, I just don't see it happening.

Go Mariners.


  1. i agree with alot of what you said mike. i think that the real problem here is that pro sports leagues and teams are completely out of control. after watching dc get fleeced by major league baseball, i have to wonder if me getting to watch national league baseball is worth what the city gave up in other services. i dont think it is. and i love baseball. i was happy to hear portland's mayor tell the marlins - when they were trying to get over on miami - that they were welcome to move to oregon, but that the city wasn't going to give them a $400 million stadium for free. david stern and howard schultz are both morons when they complain about the sonics' lease. don't sign contracts that you don't have any intention of living up to. i dont get to change my mind 3 months into a year-long lease, why does anyone else get to? oh yeah, because cities will let them. i love the sonics, and you all know i'm one of the biggest sports junkies around; but i'm getting tired of the big corporations that these pro francises are expecting handouts from local governments. and getting them. (i'm just as sick of big non-sport franchises and rich individuals getting handouts from governments at all levels.) maybe i'm giving them too much credit, but that's what i think seattle fans are reacting to. they don't want seattle to lead the race to the bottom that every other city seems to think is happening. (i don't think it really is. i think that if dc had called mlb's bluff, they would have realized that there was nowhere else they could go. but everyone is afraid to either (1) call a team on their bs, or (2) come up with creative solutions. so, they just fork over money for a stadium or renegotiate a sweet lease deal. or both. it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.) the problem with basketball, of course, is that you need a much smaller market to carry an nba team than you do for mlb or nfl. so, a market like okc can compete with seattle. so, i guess what i am saying is that, as a sports fan, im pissed about the greater environment that teams and cities are operating in, and i am going to be really upset if the sonics do move because the greater environment will have caused it. but, i hope the answer is not to reinforce the behavior that teams are engaging in more and more often.

    there was a good article about this on espn's page 2.

  2. this may be entirely silly, but what happened to loyalty and pride in one's city? the founder of starbuck's...one of the few things seattle is known for, sells a team to oklahoma city? why? what is going on in his head? i guess i'm old-fashioned. and i still don't get what is wrong with key arena.

  3. Neddy Ballgame3:09 PM

    For one thing NOTHING is worng wiht the Key as a venue(bt the way I LOVED teh Coliseum despite it having been the site of the only NBA game to be rained out !!)--the lease issue is something I don't get and I agree wiht Chris that a deal is a deal --live up to it ! ( I also imagined both the old and new owners' noses growing like Pinnochio's as they affirmed their desire to keep the tema in Seattle )
    As some may recall I was a season ticket co-holder for the Sonics for several seasons--why am I now not a season ticket holder??--they priced us out --the NBA's ticket prices are just out of this world and given the competition for the entertainment dollar,NBA games are now populated with professionals,corporations,and not very many kids playing roundball in the schoolyard.which is why the Schultzs of the world need/want more suites,more upscale dining areas (hot dogs aren't good enough for the "suits") and bemoan a facility that is relatively new after having been renovated .
    But I agree that it wil be sad if the Sonics leave ,I have very fond memories of going to games wiht a young Laskowski trailing behnd me as we rushed to make the opening tipoff after having stopped at eht Food Circus for something to eat.I remember Nate's being drafted and his dignifed presence and leadership--how about Dale Ellis' three pointers ( not to say his off court issues).Who knows.. teh Hornets may help Seattle by abandoning New Orleans and moving to Oklahoma City( I've been to OKC and their really IS an oil well rig on the state house grounds)

  4. possibly my most fond memory of going to a sonics game was getting stuck in traffic and getting a program on the way in (it was halftime), when the program guy told us that we had won a microwave.

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