Thursday, July 27, 2006


Rob Neyer has an interesting piece today that supports Mike's don't-trade-Adam-Jones-for-Soriano plan. His conclusion is that "deadline deals" rarely make a difference, so trading a top prospect for a pennant push rental is a bad gamble. (See: Varitek, Jason; Lowe, Derek.) Plus, with Everett gone, and the former Cleveland platoon in place with Ben Broussard on board - the offense is actually not too bad.

Page 2 has a great story on baseball card memories. My favorite baseball card of all time might be a Ken Griffey, Jr. Donruss Diamond King. I don't remember the year. I do remember that Mr. Griffey himself autographed it after batting practice at the Kingdome. So, it must have been 1990, maybe '91 at the latest. Any later and there was no way that Griff was signing autographs at games.


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