Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No Schmidt Sherlock

Or, as Fox put it-Schmidt happens.

So, it's Schmidt to the Dodgers. Interesting. Extremely interesting.

I wasn't a huge fan of signing Schmidt, but the M's absolutely have to bring in at least one quality pitcher. But, who? Zito has already been offered 6 years by Texas. No reason at all to give him 6 years. I don't even know if Johan Santana is worth a 6-year contract. That leaves Ted Lilly, who I like. Kinda. But, I worry about what he's going to demand on the market, especially now that Schmidt is gone. Meche? Um, no. Rumors have him gettin $10 million. Sorry, Gil, you know have a special place in my heart, but it's time to let go.

I commented on this in the other post, but I'm a huge fan of this this rumor. Essentially, it's Sexson and Soriano for Tim Hudson and Adam Laroche. Absolutely love that deal. Laroche is a good lefty power bat, and Hudson is not Gil Meche. If that goes down, the rotation would be:

Warm Body
Warm Body

Warm bodies = Woods, Baek, etc. I like the John Thomson idea as the #4 guy. That would be a pretty solid rotation. Not 95-win solid, but better than last year.

We'll see what Bavasi is made of.


  1. Neddy Ballgame5:53 PM

    I like it ..the stove is heating up..keep the rumors and facts coming....Hudson would be most acceptable to me...will Beltre be just steady instead of earning what he gets paid ?? Johjima going to suffer a sophomore slump??...did Raoul have his peak year in 2006?.....stay tunes

  2. Yes, things are heating up a little! I love this time of year. For me, the baseball season both begins and ends with Hot Stove League. What better thing to get me salivating for pitchers and catchers to report! It's only about two months away!!!

    Looks to me like Bavasi took a pretty big gamble sending Rafael Soriano to the Braves for Horacio Ramirez. Ramirez doesn't strike out too many batters and he has had injury problems, but from what I understand he is a groundball pitcher... that might be good, with our good infield. Still, if Soriano is healthy, I have a hunch he will be closing games for Atlanta for quite a while, probably in a successful way. Ramirez? Looks like a back-end-of-the-rotation starter to me... he might be an improvement over the way Joel Pineiro performed last year.

    I know there isn't any way to really judge this deal until the players have a chance to perform. Soriano could blow out his elbow, and Ramirez could develop into an ace. I do hope both players find success. At this point, it seems like Bavasi might have given Atlanta a huge piece to its jigsaw puzzle, while he might have just acquired another edge piece of the puzzle for the Mariners. Oh well. On paper, this doesn't look like a good deal at all.

    I'm not sure what other deals might be in the works... I guess a few teams have talked to Seattle about Sexson. I wouldn't want to do that deal unless we got another decent-hitting first baseman in return. That is why I like the idea of a three-way deal. Now that Soriano is gone to Atlanta, I doubt there will be another deal with the Braves in which we could get LaRoche (who I think would be dynamite at Safeco). He wouldn't cost as much as Sexson does, and he might be more effective... he had a .915 OPS last year... and less money paid for 1B might mean more $ to spend for free agents NEXT year, when some really good players will be available.

    If we sent Sexson to the Giants, who would we get? If it involved pitching, I think I read something recently that said SF would be willing to part with Noah Lowry, which might not be bad, but I would more than just Lowry for Sexson. I can't think of any pitchers I would really want from the Orioles for Sexson except Erik Bedard. If it's Broussard we would send to Baltimore, I could probably live with a Kris Benson or Jaret Wright... although those guys to my way of thinking are just more back-end-of-the-rotation types.

    Is a rotation of Felix, Washburn, Ramirez, maybe Benson or Wright and then someone from Baek/Woods/Lowe etc. really going to make us more competitive in the AL West? Not if the Angels get LaRoche, which they might... not if the Rangers get Zito, which they might...

    And what's this with the Phillies getting Freddy Garcia from the White Sox for basically next to nothing? I know Gavin Floyd has lots of potential as a pitcher, and maybe the minor leaguer the Sox got is going to be good, but sheesh... Could Seattle have gotten Garcia in exchange for a minor leaguer and a pitcher like Woods or Baek?

    I am dreaming that Bavasi will get the o.k. to go ahead and wow Zito with a great offer, but yeah, that is probably just dreaming.

  3. Neddy Ballgame1:22 PM

    Yes..what's u p with Freddy to Pat Gillick's Zito even remotely a possibility in Seattle???

  4. Neddy Ballgame10:00 PM

    Sean White????.....

  5. Anonymous,

    Thanks but no thanks.

    Well, we traded Chris Snelling and Emiliano Fruto to the Nationals for Jose Vidro. Supposedly so he can be our DH. Huh?


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