Monday, December 04, 2006

Things happen on weekends

Especially when you don't have access to the Internet. Apparantly the Mariners have signed Jose Guillen. I like the signing for a few reasons I'll get into, but it inspired one of the funniest things I've read in a while from Jeff at Lookout Landing:

I imagine a party with Jose Guillen involves Tecate by the gallon, militant graffiti, and at least one guy getting stabbed.

But, I do like the signing because it's low-risk and it shows Bavasi isn't getting sucked in by the this winter's insanity. Of course, there are plenty of crappy deals to be given to crappy players. Guillen can be flat-out nasty (both the good and bad) at times, but if he isn't (or is, depending on your definition), it's only a one year deal and the M's aren't stuck with him.

It looks like John Thomson is going to be a Mariner too. Again, I like the move for basically the same reasons as the Guillen signing. If the only crazy move the M's make this offseason is Jason Schmidt, I'll be fine with that. I can handle waiting until 2008 or 2009 to be competitive if it means avoiding this winter's insanity. owes me some sort of commission for the amount of links I just provided to their website.


  1. Oh good-this post wasn't lost. I thought it was.

  2. I dunno what to think, I don't like the gullien deal although I admit its not a big deal I just don't like him. I don't want Schmidt which it seems likely that that is who we are going to get. They are talking or there are rumors of dealing sorinao, I hate that idea. I miss 95 and 01 if we could get 65-75% of those years interest and excitement id be happy. I just don't see that happening. Just be fun to follow again...........

    On a side note my friend garret got me a signed baseball by Edgar Martinez for my birthday, a belated gift but a good one no less.

  3. I love Soriano, but his injury issues are a little concerning. I'd rather not trade him but if it were the right deal it might be interesting.

    Latest rumor:

    Sexson to Giants, Soriano to Braves

    M's get Tim Hudson and Adam Laroche

  4. I have to wonder how serious the Mariners really are about Zito. It looks like they might be trying to get either Schmidt or Zito signed, anyway. I'm not sure which one would be better, if either. Zito is just 28, but some think his best years are behind him. Schmidt has had some injuries in the past, and he is 33... Nonetheless, I think the MAriners just about have to sign one of those two. Bavasi may well be toast already, but he will assure it if he doesn't do something major that will get fans excited about the ballclub.

    I like the Sexson-to-SF, Soriano-to-Atlanta and LaRoche-and-Hudson-to-Seattle idea. Don't know who Atlanta would get from SF, probably someone... or maybe someone else from the M's?

    If we re-sign Perez, he can take some of the RH at-bats at first, since LaRoche is a LH hitter, and he can do some DH.

    I have also been reading about the O's being interested in Ben Broussard. I'd be willing to give them Broussard for a #5 caliber starter. Take a flyer on Rodrigo Lopez? Some others they might be willing to give up would probably include Kris Benson and Jaret Wright... None of those guys are too exciting, and might not end up being much better than Pineiro. There is also the possibility of signing Tomo Ohka or John Thomson.

    I think our rotation could end up looking something like this:

    Jason Schmidt or Barry Zito
    Tim Hudson
    Felix Hernandez
    Jarrod Washburn

    If it could turn out like that, I think it would represent a significant overall upgrade for the starting pitching.

    LaRoche definitely has some good LH power. I think he and Perez would be fine at 1B. Ibanez could stay in LF for another season and Snelling and Guillen could split DH duties, or Ibanez could DH if Snelling played in LF. Ichiro looks like he's in CF for good, and Guillen will apparently be the regular RF. I hope Guillen is healthy and that he will work out o.k. If so, it will have been a gamble worth taking.

    Hudson underachieved last year in Atlanta, but the two seasons prior to that he was pretty good. His HR-allowed numbers have gone up from 8 to 20 to 25 over the last few years, but so have his K's from 103 to 115 to 141. His career W-L record of 119-60 is pretty impressive.

    I think Zito or Schmidt would pitch well in Safeco, and that Hudson probably also would do a good job.

    Whatever happens, I think there ARE ways the MAriners can get some good pitching and another hitter or two, and increase their chances at being competitive next year.


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