Monday, November 06, 2006


Remember Ronald Reagan ? Remember how he used to say "Well.." in his very grandfather-like voice when he answered questions? When I was 5 years old, it seemed kind of comforting. Of course, I didn't know what trickle down economics involved then.

Aaaanyway, that's what I would say if I were Ronald Reagan if someone were to ask me what I thought of the M's opting to not pursue Daisuke Matsuzaka. "Well...ok then." Of course my initial reaction was actually "You cheap bastards." But, I'm not sure that it's a terrible thing now. It sounds like Matsuzaka is a bit of an, um, "well", arrogant ass. In fact, Dr. Deteco compared him to A-Rod.

So, moving on then. There are lots of other free agent options. Clearly, bringing in a pitcher or seven needs to be the number one priority this winter. Unless of course we're okay with a rotation of Felix, Washburn, Baek, and....."well", there you go. Take a look at this list and decide who you like. Now, I don't know how many of those guys have club or player options for 2007. But, at first glance, the guy who catches my eye (like a pie in the sky) is Ted Lilly. The big names are Schimidt and Zito, but the contract that those guys are going to demand may be absurd. They're both fine and dandy, but Lilly may come cheaper. Plus, Lilly had better K/9 and K/BB than both of them.

By the way, this site is way better for looking at free agents. I love Google.

So, I'm done with this post now. I could say more but it's been a long time and the Magic faithful are getting restless. Go get Ted Lilly!


  1. Neddy Ballgame4:58 PM

    Thank you ,thank you ,thank you ,Mike...the Hot Stove is warming up and ,what else,we're talking PITCHING !..Ted Lilly,eh?..I recall watching him wiht hte f______ Yankess pitching a no-no at Safeco Field ( he lost the game ,ultimatley!!)...maybe you're on to somehting...we certainly don't need the Japanese A-Rod if that take on him is accurate....what do we do in Right Field?--hope the accident prone Aussie stays healthy?or give Jeremy Reed a shot at redemption ?..lots of questions ...


  3. I think the Mariners WILL shell out the bucks for Schmidt, and that the other pitcher will be Adam Eaton or Ted Lilly. I think they might also take a flyer on someone who has been injured, like Mark Mulder, Randy Wolf, Kerry Wood or Tony Armas for a relatively small amount, thinking that if they did sign one of those and it didn't work out, Baek or Woods could fill in the #5 spot.

    As for right field, I sure hope they can get a bonafide power hitter. It doesn't look there are too many free agents out there... I think they'll end up making a trade for a hitter, and they will use guys like Rafael Soriano and Mark Lowe for tradebait.

  4. Take a flyer-snave you sound like Travis at our fantasy draft last year.

    I'm not too fired up about the Schmidt idea. It just feels like this team is still recovering from the lack of moves during 2000-2003.

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