Sunday, June 11, 2006

This time I'm not crazy....

First things first, we've got to acknowledge the SWEEP of the Angels. Felix throws his first CG in the majors. 94 pitches. Felix was the Emperor today. Just filthy. That makes 9 of 11 for the Mariners. Fun fun.

But...guess who's next? You got it. The A's. The last time the M's were headed to Oakland, I thought it was big. This is a big one though. Not big as in, "win this series and the M's are for real!". But more like, well....hmmm. Ok how about this:
Right now, I'm kind of feeling like this in my Mariners watching chair. Take 2 of 3 in Oakland, and I'll be sitting like this. Not overly-fired up, but my interest will definitely be piqued. So, we'll see.


  1. Neddy Ballgame4:05 PM

    This series IS big---can we beat the A's in Oakland(someome tell me what our record in Oakland is !)...can we continue our winning streak..are we a confident club that if we lose game one,we don;t fold and lose all 3...this AL West is a mess nad it only takes one of the teams to suck it up ...why can' t it be the Mariners?

  2. Crap. One loss down. I can't believe how good Blanton is against the Mariners and how bad he is against everyone else.


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