Thursday, June 15, 2006

down two can the salvage?

Ok all the optimism over the past few days has kinda flown right out the window. They cant be blanton then they roll out the next night and look even worse than before. And get this today they were going to face Esteban Loaiza but he was arrested for driving under the influence while going 120 mph on a local Oakland freeway........I don’t think he is going to start. And who goes 120 mph anyway...... SO you know what that means right? The mariners will be facing some chap they have never seen before so we will get like 2 hits. Never fails.
the optimism of this post seeps from every word.


  1. SWEEP!!! WOOOHOOO Did anyone else sorta see this coming?

  2. yup...i think it is some sort of karma

  3. Yeah. Record against Oaklan: 1-9. Record against the rest of the league: 30-28.

  4. Neddy Ballgame1:59 PM

    all time in Oakland--69-131 according to Hendu--


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