Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lack of Links and Wind Tunnels

"They" say you learn something new everyday. Well, here's what I learned at today. Oh, I'm in Seattle by the way and was at both Friday and today's win. Ok so...

1) For whatever reason, this iBook G4 I'm using doesn't allow me to put in links to a post. So, if you're reading this at work, I apologize. No fun links to keep you from actually doing your job.

2) If you sit in the right (or I guess wrong) area at Safeco in JUNE, you will freeze your ass off. It was like sitting in a wind tunnel. People had blankets. I almost didn't bring in my hooded sweatshirt. Thank God I did. It's June Seattle. Seriously. I loved it though. So much better than the stifling heat I would be experiencing in Baltimore.

3) Richie Sexson's walk to the batter's box song is "Hypnotize" by Biggy Smalls. Am I the only one who thinks that's weird? I guess the whole Big Richie thing, and Biggy Smalls was big. Er something.

4) It's really fun to watch Barry Bonds strike out.

5) It's even more fun to watch Barry Bonds strike out three times.

6) It's the most fun to watch Barry Bonds strike out to end a game and complete a THREE GAME SWEEP!

7) My mother is still a little bitter about Griffey. You know, there really are a lot of people who don't like how Griffey left. And, rightly so. I will fully admit that I'm blindly loyal to my first real baseball hero. I think the M's should retire #24, and that if Griff isn't a first-ballot Hall of Famer, there's something wrong with baseball.

So, all in all, I learned a lot today. Let's update the "if the Mariners didn't have to play the Athletics" board:
Record vs. A's: 1-9
Record vs. the rest of baseball: 33-28.

9 games in NL West stadiums. They're keeping me interested. I have this feeling the A's are going to start to separate themselves from the rest of the division. But for now, the Mariners are making baseball fun to follow.


  1. Neddy Ballgame11:02 PM

    AS the temperature rises - yes even at the Safe it does warm up--the M's chances also go up--this was a terrific weekend- our pitching is living up to its expectations -Ichiro is HOT - Beltre as #2 is working out- Lopey is our All Star along with Ichiro-and Raoul is our rock---looking forward to a hot summer

  2. Re: my defense...i am fully aware of the impact Griffey had on M's baseball...there might not be M's baseball anymore without him. and in fact i love all the memories of the time that he played here. he was great while he was here. but i also think his complete loyalty has always been to cincinnati, and i don't begrudge him the right to have that loyalty. but that is why i wouldn't retire his number. i just don't think Griffey loved us as much as we all loved him. so i guess that does make me bitter! he certainly was more gracious than a-rod and randy(who i am really bitter about!) i think edgar is the only M's player that deserves to have his number retired. of course, i could be wrong...i'm sure you will all let me know if i am!

    and it was fun watching our pitchers flummox Bonds...especially the way Putz put himself on the map with his two performances. Go Blue! o.k...i'm going to be in trouble for that.

  3. 23There's probably some truth to that. By the end, he definitely wasn;'t happy in Seattle. But I think with him part of his unhappiness stemmed from his inability to deal with the media. Maybe he thought being in Cincinatti would be easier for him. Of course, he had just as many issues with the Cincy media his first few years there when he was injured and ineffective.

    The M's front office isn't innocent in all this either.

    But, like I said, I'm blindly loyal to Griffey. He should be a first ballot HOFer based on what he did with the Mariners alone. If he goes in as a Red, I will damn him to the fiery depths of hell, but I don't think that will happen. It's the Hall's choice and he clearly established himself as a HOFer with the Mariners.

    But what about Randy and ARod? Randy will probably go in as a Diamondback, but what will ARod go in as? He spent 6 years in Seattle, 4 in Texas, and now he's in New York. He's an HOFer right now, and he's spent the most years in Seattle. If he stays in New York for 5 or 6 more years, does he go in as a Yankee? I don't know that's an interesint one.

  4. i was bitter about griffey leaving for awhile too. after saving baseball in seattle, he had every right to get whatever he wanted - even if that included leaving. i just want you to be happy giff, even if it isnt with me. but, i was annoyed when he made it public that the only place he would go would be cincy. that forced the m's to take far less than what he was worth. he was more valuable then than pujols is today, and i just turned down an offer of jason bay, chase utley, paul konerko, and jake peavy for pujols; so, the reds really stole junior. but, after arod showed just how deep the depths of greed can be, i respected the fact that griffey went to a team that he really wanted to play for, and i forgave him completely.

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