Monday, December 12, 2005

Not much going on....

But I don't like not having a new post for too long.

Matt Morris is going to the Giants. I know the Big Daddy is a fan, but I don't think he's worth what's he getting.

Tejada is now saying he didn't demand a trade. Hmmph.

Ok that's it.

Oh yes...and the Seahawks are ridiculous. 83-3 in the past 7 days. Wow. Shades of Warner, Largent, and Fredd Young.


  1. this hawks team, dare I say it, is one of the best i ahve ever seen. They are better than Largent warner and young! Its a party down at qwest baby and IM there every sunday!!

    baseball note, I like matt morris but if the marienrs had given him 3 years 27 mill like what he got I would have hated that deal. Thats to much for a a very streaky pitcher.

    I really want the M's to Stand Pat, unless a big trade can be worked out. Do not sign any of these scrubs!!

  2. Neddy Ballgame2:36 PM

    Amen to that.....let's not get a body just to show you're doing something...a la Aurelia!!

  3. Looking more and more like Everett is going to be a Mariner. This is when I thank God for Penn State and the Seahawks.

  4. that was definitely not neddyballgame's post. trivia - why did fredd young spell his name with two "d"s?

    do you think the mets would take beltre for david wright? he could end up being the best player ever to wear a baseball uniform.

    also - i think the giants are going to love that deal for morris 3 years from now - when the jays still have to pay aj burnett and bj ryan for 2 more years and the mets are looking at paying billy wagner to get out one lefty a week for two years and whoever signs millwood will have at least one more year at $10 millionish.

  5. also - no john l. williams references?

  6. OMG The white soxs just got Javier Vazquez!!! So much for wanting to pitch on the east coast huh

  7. Chicago's not that far from the East Coast.

    This offseason is garbage.

    Bobby Joe Edmonds anyone?

  8. ya but he wanted like washington dc, or Baltimore, chicago is still a 3 hour flight to the east coast

    how you like them apples

  9. He wanted to be closer to Puerto Rico. Which he is now. It's a 2 hour flight from Chicago to NYC.

    I don't know if the Giants will be that fired up when they get maybe half a good season out of Morris.

    Can you tell I'm annoyed with baseball right now? And I'm taking it out on you people!!! Freaking Carl Everett. Why why why?


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