Friday, December 16, 2005

It gets better and better....

Jarrod Washburn for 4 years.

Why? Why? Why?


  1. Neddy Ballgame9:51 PM

    ...because he' s left handed ???.....and we can afford him ( and trade for Arroyo as well )..and the M's won;t have to face him..I know,I know I'm stretching but let's wait and see

  2. I don't signing Washburn will be such a horrible thing... as long as he is healthy and can get in a full amount of starts, I think he will do a pretty satisfactory job. At age 30 he isn't over the hill, and his career numbers aren't bad at all (75-57, 3.93 ERA, WHIP is around 1.3). To me, he doesn't look like a #1 starter, but I think he could easily become a #2 or would certainly be #3 for Seattle. If the M's can go ahead and acquire Arroyo, their rotation would look markedly better than last year to me. Hernandez, Moyer, Washburn, Arroyo, and Pineiro would look pretty decent.

    What will steam my cookies is if the guy who is quite possibly the better pitcher, Millwood, decides to sign somewhere else for less than five years. I'm guessing that if Seattle turned its attention to Washburn, they must have felt certain they couldn't get Millwood for four years or less...

    I don't remember, is Washburn's agent Scott Boras?

  3. Yeah I've calmed down it's not too bad. Getting Millwood too would make a nice rotation.

  4. USSMariner, etc. don't seem to be too happy with this signing. I don't know, I don't think it's really all that bad. He will be in a pitchers park with a good defense behind him, so all this concern about his flyball rate doesn't worry me that much. Time will tell...

  5. this signing could be very good if they land millwood too. Thats how I look at it. Land millwood and i think the washburn signing is money.

  6. Reasons why I'm underwhelmed:

    1) Huge injury risk. 4 years at over $9 million per is waaay too much. 3/$21 is about his value.
    2) Smokescreen peripheral stats. With the exception of ERA (and, thus, the end result), his other stats pretty much mimic Ryan Franklin's. Difference between ERA and Fielding Independent ERA
    3) He's not an ace, even though he'll be paid like one.
    4) Willie Bloomquist's stats will not be padded, except during batting practice.

    Reasons why I'm OK with it:
    1) He wanted to pitch here. He seems like a likeable guy.
    2) We still have Reed and Ichiro.
    3) His left-handedness.
    4) Safeco should help him.

    There. I'm trying to be positive. I'm certainly less disappointed with this signing than I am with the Everett signing. But, I'm disappointed nevertheless...

  7. on cbs.sportsline's fantasy baseball page they said that they think washburn's best years are ahead of him. my original thought was that it would at least be a better deal than millwood (who i think is one of the most overrated pitchers of all time - i mean the braves, who seem to be the best in the biz at judging and developing pitching talent, traded him to a division rival for a back-up catcher) because it would be at least 1 year and $12 million less, but now it looks like they are going to sign millwood too? i understand going after one guy this offseason - but, like i said before, the pitchers this free agent period all have lots of risk. so, why not wait until next winter instead of, once again, overspending on the guys that are available this time just to show that you are serious about making changes? zito would love to live in seattle for about 5 years starting in april of 2007, dont you think? if i had run the xbox seahawks on madden franchise mode the way that the m's have been run recently, they wouldnt have won 4 straight super bowls - so i think i know what i am talking about here folks.

    sportsline's fantasy page also said that a letter to m's season ticket holders listed meche on the roster, but not franklin.

  8. O happy day Franklin is gone?!?!?! That is an interesting take on Washburn. What makes them say his best years are ahead of him?

    Rotation of Felix, Washburn, Moyer, Piniero, Meche really isn't that awful. It just looks like we need to be patient with the M's for at least another year.


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