Wednesday, December 14, 2005


It's official...ish USS Mariner is saying the Everett signing has happened. I really can't put it any better than they did, so check out the link.

I'm really interested to see how the M's management spins this. His numbers don't justify the move, he's no help in the field, you could find plenty of people who will give you his production for way cheaper, and he's a total jackass. What can they possibly say?

Update: It's official.

Here's what they're saying:

Bavasi-"Carl Everett is a clutch-hitting run producer with power. As a switch-hitter, he provides our lineup with added versatility. Carl is a winner, most recently as a member of the 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox. His experience and intensity will be welcome additions to our clubhouse." My head is spinning from trying to count the cliches in that quote.

Hargrove-"Having him in my lineup gives us some of the left-handed sock and run production we were looking for." Everett hit .246 left-handed last year.

Mike L-"This move sucks."

Look at the stats that the official site brought up:
-He did not make an error over 22 starts in the outfield last year. OOOOH! Put him in center with those numbers!!!

-Everett is one of six switch-hitters in Major League history (and the only player to accomplish the feat in successive seasons) to record 100 RBI in each league (108 with Houston in 1999 and Boston in 2000). I'm dusting off my time machine as we speak.

Let's face it, the M's have signed a homophobic, dinosaur-hating, switch-hitting version of Bret Boone.


  1. Neddy Ballgame3:47 PM

    ..didn't I tell you we did not want this idiot !!!---he's already passed through my other team ,,the Bosox..I don;t need ,want ,like him again...maybe he's just trade bait ( ha ha ..little ,very little,joke !)--

    Trav and Mike--want to burn the Bavasi picture now ???

  2. Looking at it through rose-colored glasses, he did have 23 HR and 87 RBI last year. Also, it's just one year.

  3. Neddy Ballgame4:39 PM

    whoopdee freakin' do !!!..Jeremy Reed (if he stays an M) can hit 23 next year !
    ...but yes,one year we can hold our breath that long ,I guess

  4. Hey, I'm trying to stay positive on this post! Check out the last one for some Mike L bitterness...

  5. The more I see this off season go by the more i want the mariners to go the Cleveland route. Blow this b*tch up and lets start from scratch. Fire sale, trade everyone that ahs value. Ichiro, sexson, beltre, ibanez, any pitcher you can get a warm body with. Commit Everett to an asylum. The only exception is you keep Felix. He is your cornerstone, you need to build around him. Keep your youngin's you got up right now, betencourt, lopez, reed. But deal for prospects at other positions and ride this out. It took Cleveland 4-5 years, but they were fun to watch by year 2ish. Lets do this!!! Let me pull the trigger!!!

    Oh and fire Hargrove, I'm done with him. I am starting the fire Hargrove bandwagon officially right now.

  6. What do you call the last two years?

  7. The one guy I wouldn't support trading is Beltre. He's only 27.

    If the M's are sucking again come July, we could see the M's make a bunch of trades again.

    Let's give the 2006 season a chance to start before we tear it all down again like the last two summers.

  8. I might get on the "get rid of Grover" bandwagon if it turns out he is instrumental in getting Bavasi to take on chance on Sydney Pontoon. There has been talk of that, i.e. possible Mariner interest in Ponson. Ugh...

    As for Everett, he definitely carries personal baggage and is probably in the decline phase of his career. At least the deal is only for one year. Before I start writing letters to the Mariners organization to get rid of C. Everett Kook, I'll see what he can do... that is, can he help the club at the plate while keeping his behavior under control? If not, I hope the ballclub has the good sense to eat his contract and waive him.

    As for trading youngsters, I wouldn't mind seeing Reed go if it's for a decent starting pitcher. Of course there are the Reed for Matt Clement rumors, and supposedly that deal has been discussed. In today's Times Bob Finnegan says "According to multiple sources, Seattle is believed to have countered the Red Sox's offer of Clement with a request for right-hander Bronson Arroyo." Does that sound like Finnegan trying to stir something up, or does it sound like it might actually be the case?

    Anyway, too bad we signed Jurassic Carl, but I'm willing to give the doofus a chance for a couple of months of the season.

  9. Looks like KC signed Scott Elarton, so he's one less for the M's to throw money at... I'm glad we didn't sign him anyway. I somehow think he might not be all that much better than Meche or Franklin. KC also threw $4 mil at Doug Mientkewicz, and threw some more money at Mark Grudzialanek (I don't know if I spelled those last two last names correctly or not, but it might be cool if they got a couple more hard to spell/pronounce names for their infield!)

  10. Yeah Royals!

    Why would the M's want Arroyo over Clement?


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