Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Millwood 4 for 44?

Thats the rumor I just heard. The Mariners have offered Kevin Millwood 4 years at 44 million. I dunno. Is he better than much of our staff from last year? Yes, is he the guy that makes you go Heck ya I am fired up...........Unquestionably NO. This of course is not offical but from what it sounds like it is likely to happen

EDIT 12/07/05

Larry Stone wrote in today's seattle times:
"With or without Moyer in tow, the Mariners are in hot pursuit of pitching help. But it turns out that the reports of a four-year, $44 million offer to Kevin Millwood on Monday were greatly exaggerated, if not outright fiction.
The truth is, the Mariners didn't even meet here with Millwood's agent, Scott Boras, until Tuesday afternoon — their first session with Boras since the GM meetings in Palm Springs, Calif., last month. While they remain interested in Millwood's services, the Mariners remain just as highly reluctant to go five, or even four years for a pitcher."

this sounds much more like the mariners to me than the above report of 4 for 44. I knew they were there somewhere.


  1. I agree, he isn't the kind of talent that makes me wanna shout... but if he's the best out there, I'm up for seeing us get him into the fold. I still wouldn't mind seeing us get both him and Weaver. I still think we need to come up with two starters who are in the 1-3 range during this offseason. From all I read, it doesn't seem like the M's are going to have much luck trading Meche or Franklin, and that maybe those two will be non-tendered? Anyway, if we can also re-sign Moyer, and he and Joel can slug it out over the #4 and #5 spots in the rotation, that's fine with me.

    I think that since St. Louis also lost out on Burnett, they will either fight us for Millwood, or they will go after their own, Matt Morris. My guess is they will get one of those two pitchers. Although it looks pretty good at the moment, I think we need to get very aggressive to stay in the hunt for Millwood.

    Any news about potential trades?

    I guess we have inquired about Aubrey Huff... According to the P-I, "Seattle has reportedly offered pitcher Gil Meche in the past, but the Devil Rays were not interested. The Rays may have interest in reliever Julio Mateo, though Boston might be able to offer more to land Huff."

    Supposedly we had been offering Reed to the Yanks as part of a deal for Carl Pavano.

    Bavasi had supposedly been talking trade with up to 11 teams as of yesterday afternoon...

    It would sure be cool to see some good pieces added to our puzzle, anyway. Let's hope it can happen!

  2. its exciting for sure. I knwo one thing though nothing will happen b4 thursday. Wednesday has something to do with losing draft picks if you sign someone b4 then, and I know Bill said that he was not willing to sacrafice draft picks. So ya thursday we could start to really see some stuff start to fly.

  3. Neddy Ballgame6:48 PM

    say it ain't so?!@?@#?$?--Carl Everett to the M's??...

  4. Ya i saw that too. I look at it this way I cannot believe that would ever happen so i wasnt even gonna mention it. Why on earth would a team who is all about image bring in carl everett??

  5. I kind of think the Mariners ought not to be all about image, but on the other hand... Carl Everett? No thanks.

  6. I would be happy with adding Millwood and Weaver to the rotation. Fo sho.

  7. from what espn.com is saying - it sound like carl everett is basically a done deal. i didnt know that the m's were all about team image - what does that mean? carl everett might be a jerk, but he will also hit 30 hrs - and he can't be too much of a clubhouse cancer, because i am pretty sure that he just won a world series ring. as long as he performs on the field i say bring in a bat! i don't understand why they wouldn't also go after jacque jones - espn.com said that his agents were waiting for an offer from the m's that hasn't come. seems like he would be a better option in terms of defense and strikeouts than both everett and jeromy burnitz (who is supposedly the fall back if they don't get everett).

    i can't wait to see alfonso soriano playing at rfk!

  8. Neddy Ballgame12:10 PM

    ...was it worth giving up B rad Wilkerson,though??
    ..as a true fan,I can get used to Everett... nothiong to do with M's image or not --its about HIM....althogh as a BOSOX( and many others )retread ( rememmber the hand he got a Fenway in 2000 his first game back ) will he hit 30 HR's for the M's--th Hit It Here Cafe could use some dents !!!

  9. i hate everett and I will boo him every time he wears a mariner uniform. Call me hostile/angry/stubborn whatever I hate him and this is an awful signing if it happens

  10. I don't get this Everett thing at all. I agree that Jacque Jones would make waaay more sense.


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