Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Random Notes

Here are some goings on (all from the Times-mainly b/c the stories have little depth so there's no point in getting them from a better paper):

Kenji Jojima and Matt Morris look to have varied levels of interest in coming to Seattle.

AJ Burnett too.

Ugueth Urbina is insane.


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Hey Boys, Its big daddy's bitchy little sister. That’s right I know what is said about me I am ready to piss my big daddy bro off anytime anywhere. With that said I actually think my lazy bum bro and his sports crazy buddies have a great little blog here. I am curious about a recent article in the Seattle Times. About the Mariners posturing for the future and it references Ichiro being unhappy with the team. What does he have to be unhappy about? He has the keys to the city. What does he want more money? More love? More respect? I think if he plays like he does unhappy then heck he signed a contract he can come here and be unhappy anytime he wants! I am so tired of the pampered princess sports hero’s and their ridiculous problems. What ever happened to the hard knocking players of the past? That’s my rant of the moment, I will think of a new one at a later date. Hey Trav that fat dog of your better not be coming for Thanksgiving, then again bring him he might taste better than the turkey. hahaha

  2. Is it just me or is Travis' sister ten times the writer of any of us?

  3. shes my baby sister. ahhhh isnt she cute??? hahahahahha


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