Saturday, November 12, 2005

Kenji Jojima

The TNT (I'm dynamite!) is reporting the M's are close to signing Japanese catcher Kenji Jojima. The beauty of this blog is that even though USSMariner et al have already put this out there, I don't think our regular readers frequent those blogs. So it's like we're breaking big news or something. I don't know a lot about Jojima except that he's got some pop and plays good defense. The deal is for 2 years, $8 million.

His English skills are lacking. Kenji you need to learn the following terms by March:

"Hum babe."
"Hey Vladimir-I've got some good pictures of your sister."
"Stop being such a baby Gil."


  1. I think this might be a pretty decent signing. His hitting numbers might not translate well from Japan to MLB, but I would be willing to bet he could still hit 15-18 homers a year at Safeco and hit .270-.280 for a few years, anyway. If he's good defensively, then great! Get him.

    Then, what to do with Torrealba and Rivera? Or with Clement, for that matter? I would tend to shop Yorvit and keep Rivera and Clement around. One of the latter two might also be attractive as tradebait.

    Maybe Seattle would be interested in dealing Meche or Pineiro, Thornton and one of the extra catchers in a package. I'd STILL like to see them go after Chad Tracy of Arizona, but Aubrey Huff might not be too bad (although I'd be a bit suspicious of his steadily declining power numbers).

    Also, Javier Vazquez has demanded a trade from the D-Backs, and I think he could be an improvement in the rotation over Meche, Pineiro or Franklin.

    My guess is that we will get Jojima and one of the starting pitchers from Boras' group. I also think the M's will explore all of their options with Meche, Pineiro, Thornton, Torrealba/Rivera, and possibly Jeremy Reed (one item recently had the Yankees possibly interested in Reed...)

    It looks like our offseason will be pretty danged interesting, anyway!

  2. Snave I love the Vazquez idea, but the reason he wants to be traded is so he can be closer to his family in Puerto Rico. He's got a list of teams that he can block a trade to, and I'd guess the Mariners are one of those teams.


  3. Neddy Ballgame12:33 PM

    no,no,no..not Delgado...think he might be on the way to becoming another Juan Gonzalez..or becomes Kevin Mitchell as soon as he reaches Seattle...

    by the way .Mike L ..your "..stop being such a baby ,Gil" is right on ...he needs less coddling and more discipline--I still thn he's a better relief candidate

  4. Mike Knows Vazquuez is someone I love and want the amriners to persue, however he doesnt want to pitch out west so the likelyhood of him coming to seattle is really really small.

  5. Delgado had a great year!

  6. how do you have delgado and richie sexson on the same team? isnt that a waste of money?

  7. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Hi Travis and Mike-
    I have nothing to say about baseball, so you'll probably want to take this off of your blog. I found the site while wasting time at a job and thought I would say hi. I miss Seattle, but not EHS and hope you guys are doing well. I remember you being excited about the Mariners in 1995, but had no idea it went this far.
    meghan j.

  8. Complete waste of money. That's the best part Chris.

    Was that Meghan J as in my sophomore year homecoming date?

  9. Delgado as DH, Sexson at 1B. Ibanez in left.

  10. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Yes, the same one.


  11. Said with such vigor hahahaha.

    How are you meghan? How did you find this site i didn't know we, the site, would come up in any search engine.

    Delgado and sexson isnt a waste of money its Tasty, comepletly tasty!!

  12. i'd like to see sexson play left.

  13. I think everyone knows what I think of Delgado. Obviously, the defense would not be as good as it would be if they signed someone like Jacque Jones, but we could do so much worse than a line-up with Ibanez in LF and Delgado at DH (or platooning with Sexson at 1B).

    Mike is right, Delgado had a great year. Travis is also right, a middle of the order with Delgado, Sexson, Ibanez, and Beltre is miiiiighty tasty. It would take the pressure of some of those guys to produce every single at bat.

    With improvements from the young guys, that would be a pretty intimidating line-up.

  14. Neddy Ballgame6:43 PM

    ..I don; t know its just a feeling,nothing else ,but I think stay away forom Delgado---could be totally wrong...Sexson in Let iled,eh?....even slower than Ibanez !


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