Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Hot Stove has been preheated....

OK now that the first big moves of the offseason have been made, it's time to start coming up with outlandish rumors, trade proposals, and scenarios. The Johjima signing has me excited, so what better way to spend my lunch break than building the M's?
I propose to you, the Magic faithful, two scenarios for the Mariners offseason. Whether either of these are realistic is beside the point. I'm not factoring in money, years, players in a trade, or anything else that would actually give this site some credibility. This is all hypothetical. I leave it up to you to decide which you would prefer:
Scenario #1 (aka "The Power of Carlos"):
Trade for Carlos Delgado
Sign Esteban Loiaza
Scenario #2 (aka "The Arms Race")
Sign Kevin Millwood
Sign Matt Morris
Sign Jacque Jones
In scenario #1, the M's would have a sick lineup, a nasty bullpen, and mediocreish starting pitching. Flashes of the 2005 Red Sox and Yankees?
In scenario #2, you're looking at a solid lineup, good starting pitching, that same filthy bullpen, and great defense. Slightly resembles the 2001 M's.
So....put aside any "that could never happen" biases you may have, and tell us which scenario you would rather see. I'll make my choice in the comments section.

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  1. My choice is the 2nd scenario and here's why.....

    Adding Delgado and a #3 at best starting pitcher still leaves the M's with a ton of question marks in the rotation. The lineup and bullpen would be very good, but that rotation is just ugly.

    The addition of Johjima and Jones makes this a pretty good lineup, especially with Beltre and Reed having better years in 2006. I like the idea of Millwood as the #2 and then Morris (or someone else) as a #3 or #4 with Felix at the top. And, of course, the bullpen is money. That's a damn good team in my mind.

    I think with either scenario, the M's could compete for the AL West.

    I know what Travis likes better, and I think I know what PWhit likes too, but I'll let them share their thoughts.


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