Thursday, April 16, 2009

Has the Magic Returned?

Is it time to get excited for this team? I am admittedly one who jumps way ahead of things and gets overly pumped up about minor details. But am I way off base here? They are a grass field away from being 8-1 to start the year! 7-2 is freaking incredible considering what happened last year. This team is fun to watch again, and you can tell just from their demeanor that everyone on that bench is having a good time. I even saw a clip from last nights game where Griffey was sitting with Silva and Bedard and Bedard was not only smiling but laughing with teammates. I was shocked!

This has been a great beginning ride and I hope they can continue. There are things we could pick apart, like how Endy Chavez is not going to hit .400 for the season, Washburn is not going to have a sub 3 era and pitch deep into every ballgame. Our bullpen is not going to continue to get away with walking 2 batters an inning and get out of it like they did two nights ago.

But for now I say forget all that lets enjoy this! Baseball is back and its fun to watch again!

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  1. It is fun,for sure..been to 3 games at the Safe and only one we lost is becasue Maaah forgot to wear the Border collie sox ! about Turs. game--1-0 on an Ichi first-at-bat home run(apparently last time M's did this was when PeeWee Briley hit a first inning homer about a hundred years ago)--you remember ,Briley was on of the approx 87 left fielders that played alongside Junior..and Junior--that home run swing is still a thing of beauty !!!---go Marines !


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