Thursday, February 12, 2009


Is this really happening?

I was really prepared to write seriously about baseball this season. This could get silly in hurry.

Truth or Dare: if you had to make out with a male professional athlete, who would it be?

[Note: This T or D scenario may or may not have some foundation in fact come April. Stay tuned.]


  1. Pete is overly excited for griffey's return lol

  2. I'm gonna ignore the part of me that doesn't want to see him limp and strikeout his way through his last season as a Mariner, and support it.

    The M's aren't going anywhere this year, so why not?

  3. What Mike L. said.

    I'm old enough to remember how Willie Mays played in his last season, while with the Mets. Something like a .210 BA, some dropped fly balls... it was pretty sad.

    I am hoping to see Junior mostly do DH work this year, with an occasional stint in LF. I think the fans are going to like having him around again, regardless of how he does. I am glad he's back, and I look forward to going to Safeco to watch him this season!

  4. 5-2. First place.

    Time for a post? I feel like we owe snave a post.


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