Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Who needs King Felix?

Apparantly not Venezuela. They beat La Republica Dominica to take the Caribbean Series.

This is why the World Baseball Classic could be so much cooler. Look at the excitement it brought to those countries. Imagine if they stopped the MLB in the middle of the season when all the players were at their peak condition and had the WBC then. That would be very cool.


  1. Neddy Ballgame12:54 PM

    Agre ,agree,agreee...not that the NHL is a good example,but they stop the regular season so they can play Olympoc hockey every 4 should do the same and make hte WBC teh "summer" game that baseball really is..these pre-spring training games really don't showcase--everyone is afraid of getting hurt..see Felix ...the WBC could replace the All
    Star game every fourth about that Bud ?...Seahawks chatter is stil bumming me out--i'm worried we'll be looked upon as whining forever,but the chatter is national not just local- while the fix was not in,the refs reminded me of stroke and turn judges in swimming who anticipate a call instead of watching and waitng to be sure it reallyh happens---thye convince themselves the phantom infraction was real..oh well!!!--on to Miami !!!

  2. Totally in agreement about the Seahawks. The game wasn't at a neutral field, it was more like a Steelers home game. The refs made questionable calls at the exact best times for killing Seattle's momentum. Arrrrgh.

    I like the idea of replacing the All-Star game every fourth year or so with something like a WBC. In order to make for extra days missed in the season, play more doubleheaders during the regular season. It would all make Ernie Banks proud!

  3. OK enough about the Seahawks.

    My concern is that the WBC might end up being lackluster this year and they won't want to do it again.

  4. mlb people have said that they arent targeting the wbc at the u.s. audience. i think that they want to target the international audience the way that baseketball has, so they have said that they arent too worried about whether we like it - as long as it is huge in latin american countries, and asia - and they assume that it will be even if there are alot of big names who arent there. seems to make sense to me - but with the nfl, and even nascar and the goddamn x-games, taking alot of fans over baseball, it seems like it would be a great way for mlb to regain that audience. maybe not, but i think it will be fun, and in a few years owners will give-in and let it happen either mid-season or after the world series, when pitchers will be able to go all out.


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